Intelligence to make the right changes. Faster.

If your team’s been in your Salesforce org 10 days or 10 years we help you understand it better.

We give automated documentation and insights that will build your org wisdom.

Accelerate time to value

Intelligence to make the right changes. Faster. 

The scale of Salesforce orgs and the pace of change have highlighted the importance of tools to support a more rigorous development cycle: a Change Intelligence Platform.

Any change – no matter how small – can significantly impact systems downtime, company reputation, and regulatory compliance. gives you back control.

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Accelerate time to value

Collaborate as a team to quickly determine business requirements and swiftly deliver the updates.

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Understand the risk and cost of change

Automated analysis and conflict checking dramatically improves change decisions.

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A more complete picture of org configuration

Reduce the time needed to comprehend your Salesforce org from weeks to hours, significantly speeding up the process.

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Supporting a Center of Excellence

Elements provides the foundation for a Center of Excellence supporting all aspects from ideas to adoption.

Org analysis and insights

For Salesforce customers

Manage changes to your Salesforce org with a single source of all business and org analysis and insights. It provides what you need to be able to confidently make the right changes to your Salesforce org. Faster.

For Salesforce consultants and ISVs

We’ve built the platform that consultants, ISVs and clients dream of

Get valuable analysis of clients’ orgs in 20% of the time so you can confidently bid, win and deliver projects. Elements gives you insights into the business, regulatory, and technical risks and impact of change. You can even use it to drive a managed service offering.

Elements Platform

Elements is a suite of functionality that accelerates the Salesforce implementation cycle.

It provides an aggregated view of all the related documentation on what has been configured and why, and then the proposed changes, dependencies, risks, and impact.

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Change Intelligence Platform

The entire suite is called a Change Intelligence Platform.

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Salesforce Architect Diagrams

Strategic partnership extends Salesforce Diagrams standard.

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DevOps Integration

Complementary and integrated with enterprise DevOps tools.

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Org Discovery & Impact Assessment

Automated org impact and dependency analysis.

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Business Analysis

Only app that supports all phases of the BA Certification.

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In-App Help & Feedback

Point of need help and feedback in Salesforce Page Layouts.

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Org Documentation

Auto-generated and manually created org documentation.

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Process Mapping (UPN)

Only app that supports Salesforce UPN completely.

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Analysis, Reporting & Auditing

Slice, dice, filter, group and export all intelligence data.

Change Intelligence Platform

Drive change faster with confidence

The Elements platform that supports these change decisions is called a Change Intelligence Platform. It provides an aggregated view of all the related documentation on what has been configured and why, and then the proposed changes, dependencies, risks, and impact.


Elements provides the information you need to make change decisions based on your role. At a senior level you get insights to prioritize changes and increase your ROI from Salesforce. The data is detailed enough that an admin or developer can drill down to understand the specific risks of making a change and take action.

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Drive change faster, with less rework, and greater user adoption.

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Platform/Product Owner

Maximise the ROI from your Salesforce investment.

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Deliver #wellarchitected solutions documented using Salesforce standard.

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Business Analyst

Everything you need, managed and connected on one platform.

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Make changes faster with confidence that it won’t break your org.


Get user stories are complete, easily understood, and risk assessed.

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Intelligence to confidently bid, win and deliver projects. 

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Enables you and your consulting partner to drive customer success.

Industry analyst report

Elements is a front runner

Salesforce industry analysts InVisory help companies evaluate and select the best apps in the Salesforce ecosystem. Their recent vendor report rates Elements as the front runner in Change Intelligence Platforms and the most complete Salesforce solution for managing change.

It’s made our lives easier using Elements. I feel more confident that we’ll be able to answer questions accurately and quickly. It’s a tool that we can rely on to offer accurate, quick support to our end users, so really, it makes us look good.

Vivian Ralls
Salesforce Enterprise Architect – J.D.Power

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