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HIKE2’s strategic evolution with


Amanda Wodzenski, the co-founder and principal of HIKE2, has been the driving force that has enabled the rapid growth as an advisory, data & analytics, AI, and cloud solutions firm. It has reached the Crest Tier Salesforce Partner program which solidifies its leadership in digital transformation, emphasizing its dedication to helping organizations thrive in the dynamic technology landscape. really allows us to quickly get our arms around what the architecture of the Org looks like and where the landmines are.

The era

Before integrating, HIKE2’s journey with new clients often started with an intensive discovery phase. The team dedicated considerable time and effort to dissect and comprehend the architectural nuances of clients’ existing Salesforce systems. The absence of thorough documentation and the sheer complexity of these systems often led to extended project initiation times.


The introduction of into HIKE2’s toolkit, marked a shift in their operational approach. Amanda’s first interaction with at Dreamforce, revealed its potential to revolutionize their client onboarding and system analysis processes. This powerful platform promised not just efficiency, but a deeper, more accurate understanding of client systems from the get-go.

Once we started to use we had a very fast understanding of what the current state of the architecture was.

Revolutionizing client engagement and system analysis

With, HIKE2 experienced a remarkable transformation in how they approached new client projects. The ability to rapidly assimilate and analyze the architecture of any client’s system significantly reduced the time spent on preliminary assessments. This efficiency means that HIKE2 can focus more on strategy and less on system deciphering, leading to more robust and informed consultancy services.

The real-world impact

Amanda Wodzenski’s experience with, underscores its transformative nature. She highlights how facilitates a more thorough and rapid understanding of client systems, providing valuable insights into system dependencies and potential challenges. The platform’s ability to provide immediate clarity on complex systems is a game-changer in the field of consultancy.

We have a lot more information at our fingertips to really understand what’s been done, what the current state of the architecture is, and where the dependencies are.


The integration of at HIKE2, has not only streamlined their consultancy process but also elevated HIKE2’s service delivery. The strategic use of Elements has helped position HIKE2 as a trailblazer in the consultancy space, continually pushing the boundaries of efficiency and client satisfaction.

Elements is a game changer.

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