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The Importance of a Process-Driven Approach for Good Architecture

Unravel the power of efficient process mapping in Salesforce with UPN. Watch our on-demand webinar featuring Xavery Lisinski, alongside Miriam McCabe, Senior Director, Global Delivery Innovation at Salesforce, to refine your approach to business analysis and system architecture.

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Navigating Digital Transformation: The Power of Clean Data and Metadata

Unlock the secrets to pristine data and streamlined metadata in your Salesforce. Watch our webinar with Xavery Lisinski, our VP of Product Management and Olivia Hinkle Director of Product Marketing at Validity. Streamline your operations and enhance system integrity.

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Staying Relevant in a Post-GPT World

Explore the on-demand webinar to understand the transformative role of AI in Salesforce, master the art of prompt engineering, and pioneer the next stage of business efficiency and innovation within your Salesforce ecosystem.

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Salesforce & AI: 2023 Recap – Einstein1, Copilot & Prompt Builder

Dive into the on-demand webinar to grasp the evolution of AI in Salesforce, harness the power of Einstein1, Copilot, and Prompt Builder, and lead the future of Salesforce innovation.

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Center of Excellence Panel Discussions

Hear from experts as they discuss: Trends in Salesforce Projects, How to sell COE to your business, How to drive adoption for your COE.

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Mastering Metadata Management & Dependencies in Salesforce

Watch the on demand webinar for your opportunity to conquer metadata management, understand Salesforce dependencies, and stay ahead of the curve.

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