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Change Intelligence Research Series: How to Unleash Lovable User Experience in Salesforce

During this on demand webinar, Xavery and Stephy expanded upon their very well-received report ‘Untapped Opportunities in Salesforce User Experience’ and explore how to improve user productivity in Salesforce.

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The hidden power of UPN process diagrams

Discover the power of UPN, as showcased by our CEO, Ian Gotts. Harness the potential of and Salesforce’s UPN training for unparalleled operational excellence and innovation. Dive into Ian’s presentation for actionable insights now.

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IMPACT Center of Excellence Round Table on AI

Explore the impact of AI on Salesforce’s Center of Excellence with industry veterans. Gain insights into CoE’s evolution, strategic AI integration, and tactics for enhancing Salesforce management. Discover expert perspectives on fostering innovation and efficiency.

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IMPACT How AI accelerates how you manage Salesforce

In their session at IMPACT, Mark and Xavery delve into AI’s capability in text and code generation, metadata analysis and data interpretation. They highlight practical applications and future predictions for Salesforce professionals. This presentation is essential for anyone looking to harness AI for enhancing Salesforce efficiency and effectiveness.

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IMPACT Accelerating time to value for Salesforce

In our very first virtual session of IMPACT, the Change Intelligence Summit, Ian and Adrian tackle the trillion-dollar challenge of digital transformation inefficiency. They highlight strategic planning, the transformative role of AI in business analysis, future trends in Salesforce development and much more.

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IMPACT: FOBO – Fear of being obsolete in a post-GPT world

Watch as Ian Gotts shares real-world examples and demonstrations of AI in action, from process automation to complex data analysis. This webinar is one of ten sessions, recorded at IMPACT: the Change Intelligence Summit.

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