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AI-powered guide for Salesforce

ElementsGPT is your AI-powered guide. With knowledge of your Salesforce org and an understanding of Salesforce Well-Architected it can create user stories and deliver personalized implementation recommendations.

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Architect + Business Analysis + Admin

ElementsGPT has a unique combination of skills

ElementsGPT understands your org configuration, process diagrams and best practices in Salesforce. This gives ElementsGPT a unique ability to create user stories complete with acceptance criteria. But the real power is its ability to recommend solutions tailored to your org.

Reclaim hundreds of hours of analysis and designing solutions, so that you can focus on higher-value transformation and strategic growth initiatives.

One-click User Story creation

Generate complete user stories from business process diagrams in a single click.

Implementation recommendations

Get customized implementation strategies that suit your unique org configuration – in seconds.

Any org questions? Ask Elements

Save hours running reports and analyzing them. Simply ask Elements.

Best Practices Compliance

Align your Salesforce Org with the ‘Well-Architected’ framework, ensuring your team always follows the best standards.

Precision through automation

Automated user story generation

You can highlight activity steps from a UPN Process Diagram and generate multiple user stories that follow the best practices. They even have acceptance criteria tailored to the systems you will be using.

Actionable Intelligence

Don’t stop at user stories. Give me recommendations

Because ElementsGPT knows about your org and the Salesforce Well-Architected Framework, it can recommend solutions. It has considered every angle, every time.

Configured to understand

Talk to your org

ElementsGPT can answer all your questions because it knows about your org’s configuration. It remembers the seemingly unimportant details that could be critically important.

Change Intelligence

AI = Actionable Intelligence

Elements combines all aspects of change intelligence: automated metadata insights, captured business processes, industry standards, manually or automatically generated user stories. Add the magic of GPT to provide you with recommendations for well architected solutions.

Frequently asked questions

What is ElementsGPT and how does it enhance my Salesforce experience?

ElementsGPT is a GPT-powered guide designed to optimize your Salesforce team’s effectiveness. It can help them make better change decisions, faster. Elements combines deep knowledge of your org’s metadata configuration and business process documentation with GPT’s reasoning capabilities. This allows ElementsGPT to offer personalized, contextual recommendations specific to your org and your stakeholders’ needs.

How does ElementsGPT user story creation work?

ElementsGPT uses GPT to generate accurate user stories directly from business process diagrams. It takes your activity boxes on process diagrams as the context for the GPT prompts. The user stories and acceptance criteria are created for each resource attached to an activity box. The user stories are attached to the related activity box.

How does ElementsGPT protect my data?

ElementsGPT is currently in closed beta. Upon release, it will not be automatically available for every client. You will need to explicitly ask to have this feature enabled, hence you have the option to opt out if your company policy forbids the use of generative AI.

ElementsGPT does not share your Org’s data with external parties. We have no visibility of your Org’s data. We do store an understanding of your Org’s metadata configuration. When you use ElementsGPT we first search for metadata most relevant to the context of your question. The top results are then passed to the GPT engine for analysis. Therefore your Org’s configuration information is never fully exposed.

For any metadata component, ElementsGPT is only aware of its name and a short description that captures roughly what a component does and how it works. But no sensitive information (like detailed apex code) is ever passed through to GPT. 

How does ElementsGPT contribute to best practices compliance?

ElementsGPT recommendations consider your Salesforce org configuration alongside the Salesforce’s Well-Architected Framework, a set of industry standards and proven methodologies. This ensures a solid and robust foundation for your org, promoting the efficient use and management of Salesforce.

How does ElementsGPT improve efficiency within my Salesforce Org?

ElementsGPT saves you time on manual documentation of tasks and audits of your Org’s configuration. It also means that any team member, no matter how junior and unfamiliar with your system, can quickly understand what existing features can be re-used, extended, or need to be built to support a business requirement.

How does this change how I manage Salesforce?

Business Analysts and Admins should focus on documenting the business processes in Salesforce-endorsed UPN process maps, and document the Salesforce metadata items that support those processes. That will improve the quality of the user stories and recommendations that ElementsGPT makes.

Can I ask questions about the Well-Architected Framework or the Release Notes?

Yes. Just like asking your org a question, we’ve provided the same ability to have a conversation with the Salesforce Well-Architected Framework, or the Salesforce Release Notes. But remember, these were written when the expected audience was humans who understand nuances and euphemisms, not AI which can often be very literal.

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