Make changes with confidence. Faster. for Salesforce Admins

Elements gives Salesforce Admins the superpowers to make changes faster and with confidence that they won’t break their orgs. The time Admins, just like you, are saving is staggering.

  • CPQ analysis that was planned to take 800 hours was reduced to 1 hour. 
  • Analysis of Flow from 8 hours down to 10 mins
  • Removing 18 manage packages and 200 objects in 6 hours
  • Reducing org discovery from 6 weeks to 2 weeks
  • A weekly 40-hour research task was reduced to 17 seconds.

With Elements we were able to remove 18 managed packages and 200 custom objects in less than a day.

Andrew Russo – Salesforce Architect

Change Intelligence Platform

Get your Salesforce Org under control’s nightly org analysis builds system-generated documentation, which Admins can enhance with manual documentation. Use the visual dependency trees and robust reporting to understand the risk of any change quickly. 

Elements enable Admins to manage the entire implementation lifecycle. It provides business analysis tools to capture and assess requirements, map processes and architecture solutions, and then build risk-assessed user stories grouped into releases. These are seamlessly integrated into the DevOps tooling and Salesforce setup.

You get ahead of the changes and start managing your org rather than simply responding.

Save time, make better decisions

Drive efficiencies and agility. With our powerful insights and reporting tools, you can free your team from the laborious manual analysis.

Understand org impact and dependencies

Every night we calculate metadata impact, dependency and usage analysis. It is displayed in analytics reporting, dependency trees, and inside your Salesforce setup.

Single view of automated and manual documentation

Get everyone on the same page. Improve your ability to manage change by centralizing your documentation for admins, business analysts, architects, and developers.

Manage your Classic or Lightning org better

You can start documenting in minutes with support for both Salesforce Classic and Lightning. With a one-click setup between Elements and your Salesforce Sandbox and Production orgs.

You can see the impact a change is going to have before you change it to address those “hidden” gems. A must-have in the admin arsenal. It will be difficult to move to any company that is not using Elements as an analysis tool!

Gina Marques
Director CRM And Business Systems & Salesforce MVP – OwnBackup

Unique insights

Visual dependency trees

You can understand the implications of any change down multiple levels of metadata. The metadata dictionary is accessed inside the Salesforce setup for each metadata item so you can assess the risk of changes quickly and identify cleanup opportunities. In addition, you can discover the related dependencies inside Salesforce and integrated systems for any metadata items.

And while you sleep, we update the analysis, so you’re always up to date.

Analysis and insights

Prod and Sandbox metadata dictionaries. Not an out-of-date spreadsheet.

Salesforce recommends you have a metadata dictionary. Elements updates the Prod and Sandbox metadata dictionaries and creates the analysis. The scale of nightly analysis you need is an impossible task with a spreadsheet; metadata info, field and picklist population, flow analysis, metadata dependency and impact analysis, tech debt clean up recommendations, change logs and much more.

And we stay on top of the Salesforce metadata changes each release, so you don’t have to.

Centralized documentation

Automated and manual documentation

The metadata dictionary is a rich source of automated documentation that is updated nightly.  You can add to it with manual documentation in different formats;; rich text, process maps, architecture diagrams, images and more.

You probably have documentation in different formats, and these can be linked to the metadata items so they can be seen in context; specifications in GoogleDocs, wireframes Figma, flowcharts in Lucidchart, training in Atlassian or Vimeo etc. No problem.

Your documentation links are automatically synchronized across prod and sandboxes and production instances, saving hours of effort and miscommunication.

Industry analyst report

Elements is a front runner

Salesforce industry analysts InVisory help companies evaluate and select the best apps in the Salesforce ecosystem. Their recent vendor report rates Elements as the front runner in Change Intelligence Platforms and the most complete Salesforce solution for managing change.

Elements, really save us time, because it finds the data for you and it brings up to the front. It’s always right there in front of us.

Tony Nguyen

Frequently asked questions

We can’t afford Elements. How do I justify the cost?

Contact us and let us work with you and your Salesforce Product Owner to run a Proof of Concept that is tailored to your needs. 

Do you read our customer data or take it off the platform?

No. We only analyze fields to understand if they are populated. We can’t read customer data. We sync your metadata to our databases on AWS so that we can perform the nightly impact and dependency analysis.

Is there a free trial of Elements?

The Elements Proof of Concept is free and it is using your own org metadata. Customers often get quick wins during the Proof of Concept.

Who are your competitors?

Industry analyst, InVisory has just produced a research report evaluating the market. You can download a complimentary copy.

Why is Elements better than the free apps available?

You will need to use multiple apps for documentation and analysis. And even then you will have a limited view of the metadata and impact analysis. This means you are making decisions with an incomplete picture which is very dangerous.

Is Elements the same as the Salesforce Where Used button?

No. We provide a far more comprehensive analysis of your metadata.

Can I trial Elements?

Yes. Talk to us.