Get everyone on the same page

Salesforce Business Process Mapping (UPN) has the best-in-class Business Process Mapping tools for Salesforce, to help your team validate business requirements and build consensus, collaboration, and communication with your teams.

Over 1 million process maps drawn using

Collaborative mapping

The only process mapping tool designed for Salesforce

Get more achieved with your team by collaborating in live business process mapping sessions with everyone on the same page. Rapidly capture processes in live workshops, then use diagrams to validate requirements, guide user acceptance testing, provide training and meet regulatory compliance. Moreover, process maps produced in Elements are versioned and controlled and include approval processes, so you can keep tabs on how your plans evolve. 

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Hierarchical mapping makes it easy to create and modify diagrams. It has been designed to make live workshops a breeze.

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Resources & swimlanes

Use RASCI resources or swimlanes to report on activity boxes and tag them in a central database.

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Version control

Agile management of multi-level diagram versioning. Collaborate on a draft, and then publish and get user sign-offs. Capture feedback. Quickly and simply.

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In-app help

Processes are integrated into the other business analysis artifacts to give a 360-degree view and are embedded in Salesforce screens as in-app help.

Collaborative feedback

Salesforce Universal Process Diagrams (UPN)

Elements support the Salesforce Universal Process Notation (UPN) standard completely. No other business process mapping tool does; hierarchical mapping, resources, linked attachments, and version control. In addition, there is collaborative feedback and seamless linking to the metadata dictionaries embedded in Salesforce page layouts.


How can ElementsGPT accelerate process mapping

ElementsGPT can turbocharge your journey with UPN, helping you to document your business processes quickly and according to best practices. ElementsGPT does this in three different ways:

  1. Automatically generating the first cut of your process using a text prompt
  2. Taking an image of an existing process and generating the process for you in Elements
  3. Taking an existing document that contains details of a process, and translating that into a UPN diagram for you

How to make gin

Mapping with Ryan Reynolds

In this live workshop, we demonstrate the effectiveness and power of process mapping to really understand operational processes.

Your diagrams, your way

Salesforce flowcharts, brainstorming, capability maps and more..

UPN is at the heart of Elements, but you can draw diagrams in a variety of formats and still use all the power of Elements: capability diagrams, process maps with swimlanes, capability maps, brainstorming diagrams, and Salesforce Architect diagrams.

A screen grab of Salesforce Trailhead business process mapping module

20 years experience

We wrote the Salesforce business analysis training

We developed the Architect and Trailhead business analysis, business process mapping, and UPN training courses, which is why we have the best process mapping software for Salesforce. And we helped establish the UPN standard in 2004 based on years of prior experience.

With you every step of the way

Supporting the Salesforce change cycle

Business process mapping in live workshops can streamline Salesforce business processes. It can validate requirements and build consensus to ensure your teams create the right things.

Process maps play an important role in user acceptance testing and they can be embedded in Salesforce for user training.

A diagram of the business process mapping process in relation to the Salesforce change cycle

More than a pretty picture

Connected. Live. Collaborative.

Elements make process maps live and actionable. For example, you can link process maps to business requirements, architect diagrams, systems metadata, user stories, and documentation and assign them to project or task owners. Teams and stakeholders can collaborate and provide improvement feedback.

Train on the process

Surface processes as in-app help

Embed process maps in Salesforce for your end users as a point of need training. This increases adoption and provides an easy mechanism to provide feedback. As a result, watch adoption and customer satisfaction soar.

Compliance matters

You don’t need another system for the regulators

Elements provides the features that auditors demand:

  • Diagram access rights
  • Snapshots of changes
  • Version control
  • Change authorization
  • Acknowledgement of changes
  • Training records
  • Links to directory of regulatory clauses e.g. ISO9001

Frequently asked questions

What is UPN?

Universal Process Notation is an industry standard for process mapping that is designed to engage business users. It has been adopted by 1,000s of companies in every industry from Fortune 500 companies like Nestle, Astra Zeneca and Bank of Montreal, down to innovative startups.

What are the 5 core principles of UPN?

There are five core principles to make diagrams more easily understood.

  • No more than 8-10 activity boxes are allowed on a screen
  • Drill down from an activity box to a lower level to describe the detail
  • Attach supporting information to an activity box
  • View and edit should be controlled by access rights
  • Version control and history of changes should be shown at a diagram level
How does UPN compare to flowcharting?

The UPN principles can be applied to Flowcharting. A Flowchart drawn in UPN format often reduces the number of activities/shapes on a diagram by up to 50%. And it makes the diagrams more readable.

We have lots of LucidChart diagrams. Do we need to redraw them?

No. You can link the LucidChart diagrams to the metadata dictionary as core documentation. But if the LucidChart diagrams are out of date you will be surprised how quickly you can redraw them and improve them in

What is a hierarchical process map?

A process map is a hierarchy of diagrams, meaning you are able to drill down to give more detail. This enables each diagram to be kept to 8–10 boxes, while being able to describe a broad scope or complex processes. There is no limit to the number of levels you can go down.

Can I trial Elements?

Yes. Talk to us For a demo of our Salesforce Business Process Management Software.