With you every phase of the way

De-risk Salesforce org merges

Salesforce org merges are challenging from both a business and technical perspective.

Elements.cloud will reduce the high risk by providing the org analysis and documentation platform that supports the definition of strategy, planning and execution.

Elements allows us to show our customers where we can automate, where we can improve efficiency, and basically increase productivity across their business.

Tom Valaika – Senior Director, AST

Change Intelligence Platform

Support for every phase of the program

Elements provides the org analysis and business process assessment required to develop the org merge strategy. It can then help you with the business process analysis to identify capability overlaps and detailed org analysis needed to build a credible plan. And finally, it is the core change platform that supports you as you execute the plan.


Intelligence to set the correct strategy

Reduce time by 80% to develop a strategy that is anchored on real-time data.


Analysis to develop achievable plans

Develop a plan you are confident that you can execute with no surprises.


Build, test and release

A single source of change documentation that the teams can collaborate on across all orgs.


Change management and adoption

Drive up adoption and monitor engagement to increase the success of org merge.

Intelligent recommendations

Data-driven strategy

Elements dramatically reduces the analysis time to formulate the org merge strategy and develop detailed plans.

It provides the intelligence on the source orgs and it tracks your merge decisions through to execution.

You have a lot on

Manage complexity and risk

Elements reduces the risk of driving changes into the target org.

Eliminate surprises with impact and dependency assessment and get traceability of changes across the target and source orgs.

Elements supports every phase

Proven methodology

We’ve developed the methodology in collaboration consulting firms specializing in org mergers. It details how to utilize Elements functionality every step of the way to accelerate the analysis and deliver results more quickly and safely, enabling you to continue to run org excellence.

Spoiler alert: the methodology is documented using UPN.