Take back control

Manage Salesforce complexity

Salesforce is a strategic investment for businesses. However, the scale and complexity of implementations make it a challenge to exploit the agility and potential of the platform.

Elements.cloud provides the enterprise-grade platform to accelerate change without compromising the integrity of the current Salesforce investments and integrations with core systems.

Elements was like this breath of fresh air that blew in through the window when I had no idea that it was there.

Vivian Ralls -Salesforce Enterprise Architect

Built for the enterprise

Change management at scale

Elements is a Change Intelligence platform that supports the entire implementation lifecycle at an enterprise scale. It is a platform for business analysis documentation which generates impact, risk and dependency analysis of your orgs.

Rigorous analysis

Elements provides business analysis tools to engage business users which automates more accurate analysis 500x faster than manual research. This gives teams the confidence to release more quickly.

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Automated complexity insight

Insight into the complexity of your automations and your Org configuration allows you to estimate the work to be done accurately.

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Managed change cycle

All the tools required to manage and measure the impact of changes from idea through to adoption are integrated into Salesforce and DevOps tooling.

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Controlled documentation

A single shared repository of system-generated and manually created documentation eliminates confusion and encourages collaboration.

Change Intelligence Platform

Intelligence to make the right changes. Faster.

Armed with this change in intelligence, you can rethink your implementation processes, reducing rework, increasing and providing the business users the agility they need to compete in the market.

This intelligence means you can perform more upfront analysis because much of it is automated. You can see the impact because it is a single platform for all change-related documentation, and it visualizes the relevant connections between them.

Automated scoring of impact and complexity enables a more accurate estimate of changes.

Clear business need

Salesforce shout-out

Salesforce executives recognize the need for powerful metadata management to exploit the platform.

Parker Harris (CTO) and Patrick Stokes (GM & EVP Platform) discussed the importance of metadata mastery and gave a shout-out to Elements.cloud at True To The Core keynote at TrailblazerDX23.

Product management mindset

Org excellence

With change intelligence, you can now create a roadmap of releases, confident in the delivery deadlines, based on the risk of changes. As a result, you can fast-track low-risk changes and allocate the right level of development resources to complex changes.

As changes can be delivered faster, your development teams are more effective, boosting the level of user adoption.

Stories, org impact and dependency analysis, configuration changes, security scans, testing and end-user help are often siloed as it comes from different sources, in different formats, and created by different teams.

Whatever the source and wherever a change occurs, it can be recorded, tracked and analyzed within Elements.