Actionable, dynamic insights

Metadata Explorer

Transform your Org management experience with unmatched speed and infinite possibilities for metadata analysis.

Achieve in seconds what once took hours, providing a distinct understanding of the tasks at hand.

Actionable intelligence

Infinite possibilities, instant answers

Your Org has tens of thousands of metadata components and even more dependencies between them. Unlock the power of Change Intelligence by using Elements’ metadata dictionary and dependency grid. Identify the exact scope of metadata you need, based on any attributes, and then review all the dependencies by relevant attributes.

Endless possibilities

With hundreds of metadata types and dozens of different attributes available, slide and dice your metadata in thousands of different ways in our dictionary to accelerate your projects.


With instant rendering from live data and granular insights, perform large-scale impact assessments on your Org and accelerate your tasks by as much as x541!

Actionable intelligence

Turn Org intelligence into action by raising stories in your backlog based on scoped metadata


Don’t work in separate spreadsheets. Turn metadata & dependency views into shared work lists. And because the metadata dictionary shows insights against live data, never worry about being out of sync!

Unparalleled architectural insight

Architect superpowers

Imagine understanding your Org’s complex architecture with just a glance. Envision having the ability to go beyond high-level statistics. To be able to identify the exact components you need to focus on with a click of a button.

It might sound like a superpower, but with, it becomes your daily reality.

Fast-track impact analysis

Complete assessment in seconds, not hours

A field used in 75 list views? 360 reports? 34 flows?

It would take many hours to review each impacted item, find all the references and determine if indeed they would be affected.

With, you can assess thousands of dependencies in seconds with smart filtering.

Enhanced decision making

Actionable intelligence

What good is data and insights if you can’t take action?

Both the metadata dictionary and dependency grid allow you to bulk-select relevant metadata and perform bulk actions, like creating work items for your backlog.

Find, assess, and then prioritize work as needed!

Unified view

Everybody is on the same page, literally

Forget complex queries and one-time snapshot spreadsheets.

With, you can easily create the view of metadata you want which is instantly available to other users in your workspace. And it is constantly kept up to date, so you know you are always working with up-to-date data!

Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of the Metadata Explorer’s dynamic metadata dictionary?

The dynamic metadata dictionary in our Metadata Explorer is designed to provide you with a comprehensive and instantaneous overview of all metadata components within your Salesforce Org. It helps in identifying the exact scope of relevant metadata quickly, making large-scale changes and performing in-depth metadata analysis with speed and precision.

How can the Metadata Explorer assist with impact assessments?

Metadata Explorer’s fast rendering of live data and granular insights (ie, if item is active or not, if field is used as a column or as a filter in a report etc.) equips you with the necessary tools to perform large-scale impact assessments on your Org.

This allows you to understand the implications of changes to your metadata before they are made, saving you valuable time and resources.

How does the dependency grid in Metadata Explorer work?

The dependency grid is a powerful tool within our metadata dictionary that allows you to visualize and understand the intricate relationships and dependencies between different metadata components in your Salesforce Org.

It not only answers what dependencies exist, but how many times a component is referenced in another metadata, where, and to what end (read vs write data, required attribute, etc.) 

How does the Metadata Explorer facilitate collaboration among teams?

Metadata Explorer turns metadata and dependency views into shared work lists, eliminating the need for separate spreadsheets. It is like having a smart, dynamic, shared spreadsheet that anyone can see. And it is automatically updated every day, so you are always working with up-to-date data. 

How can Metadata Explorer’s actionable intelligence be utilized for project management?

The actionable intelligence provided by the Metadata Explorer allows you to turn Org intelligence into actual tasks. By raising stories in your backlog based on scoped metadata, you can ensure that your project management is data-driven and precisely targeted.

How does the Metadata Explorer enhance the efficiency of my Salesforce Org management?

With Metadata Explorer’s features like a dynamic metadata dictionary and dependency explorer, you can quickly slice and dice your metadata in numerous ways, accelerating your projects. The speed and precision offered by the Metadata Explorer can boost the efficiency of your tasks up to 541 times!

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