Get back the power

Improve Salesforce agility

Salesforce complexity and the scale of the implementations kills agility for many organizations. But it does not have to be the case. Agility can be maintained with increased scale and scope, provided it is planned and controlled. Elements is part of the solution providing the intelligence to drives changes, but optimizing the implementation cycle.

Driving Salesforce ROI

Accelerate time to value

We help you get back the agility that makes Salesforce such a powerful platform. Agility is lost due to org complexity, technical debt and a lack of adequate documentation. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Demystify Salesforce complexity

Make better change decisions based on a more complete understanding of complexity

Reduce technical debt

Focus effort on managing the tech debt that is reducing your org agility and ROl

Improve documentation

Visualize automated and manual documentation in the context of changes

X-ray vision of your org

Demystify Salesforce complexity

Without automation, understanding the implications of making changes to any org is now impossible. Elements is more than an x-ray for your org. It also understands the dependencies between metadata items and assesses the complexity at every level

Balancing the complexity required by the business, and the agility required to support their on-going needs is difficult. Elements makes that possible.

Understanding the cost

Reduce technical debt

Every org has technical debt. Not all of it is bad. Understanding what impacts the agility of the org and needs to be addressed is what makes the critical difference. Elements gives you visibility into the levels of technical debt, the impact on future changes, and the effort to reduce it.

Automated documentation

Org documentation

Future impact analysis, manual, automated or AI, requires great documentation. Too many orgs are poorly documented which leads to metadata duplication and technical debt. Well-structured documentation accelerates changes because it reduces the time required for impact analysis.

Elements automated analysis keeps org documentation and impact analysis up to date. It allows you to add your manual documentation to build a full picture that gives you confidence when making changes. It even allows you “chat to” your using GPT.