Accelerate change

Salesforce Change Intelligence Platform

The scale of Salesforce orgs and the pace of change have highlighted the importance of tools to support a more rigorous development cycle: a Change Intelligence Platform.

Any change – no matter how small – can significantly impact systems downtime, company reputation, and regulatory compliance. gives you back control.


Implementing a rigorous analysis at an earlier stage can reduce rework by up to 80%.

800 hours

Analysis planned to take 800 hours was achieved in just one using Elements.


Org analysis and baselining can be cut by up to 85%.


91% of the top-performing Salesforce programs have a Center of Excellence in place.

Accelerate time to value

Intelligence to make the right changes. Faster.

Change Intelligence enables organizations to know where they are today and realize where they want to be tomorrow. It helps expose their current reality–including their Salesforce configuration and integrated systems–so that they can uncover opportunities for future growth, and confidently accelerate and scale organizational innovation.

Accelerate time to value

Collaborate as a team to quickly determine business requirements and swiftly deliver the updates.

Understand the risk and cost of change

Automated analysis and conflict checking dramatically improves change decisions.

A more complete picture of org configuration

Reduce the time needed to comprehend your Salesforce organization from weeks to hours, significantly speeding up the process.

Supporting a Center of Excellence

Elements provides the foundation for a Center of Excellence supporting all aspects; strategy, tools, best practices, and training to boost your business performance, agility, and resilience.

Change Intelligence Platform

Drive change faster with confidence

The Elements platform that support these change decisions is called a Change Intelligence Platform. It provides an aggregated view of all the related documentation on what has been configured and why, and then the proposed changes, dependencies, risks, and impact.

Industry analyst report

Elements is a front runner

Salesforce industry analysts InVisory help companies evaluate and select the best apps in the Salesforce ecosystem. Their recent vendor report rates Elements as the front runner in Change Intelligence Platforms and the most complete Salesforce solution for managing change.

Yin and yang

Build the right thing. Build the thing right

Change intelligence is the natural partner to DevOps. It provides the platform for rigorous business analysis and drives better collaboration between the business and development teams.

The handover is the user story. The related business and metadata risk analysis eliminates miscommunication and enable better scheduling and resourcing of development teams.

Frequently asked questions

What is change intelligence?

It is a new software category. It is a software tool that helps organizations track, analyze, and manage changes to their business processes, systems, and data. It allows users to identify potential impacts of change and assess their readiness to implement those changes.

Is change intelligence only relevant to Salesforce?

No. The principles are true for any business transformation or app change project. However, only Elements is the only multi-cloud Change Intelligence Platform.

What is the first step to implement a Change Intelligence Platform?

It depends on the project priorities. Normally, it is org discovery where the Change Intelligence Platform automatically analyzes and documents the org. Sometimes it starts with mapping business processes.

Can I trial Elements?