Industry Analyst report on Change Intelligence Platforms


The interconnectedness of systems and the need to change at pace have highlighted the importance of a more holistic view of the Salesforce implementation and a more rigorous development cycle. 

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Change Intelligence report

Any change–no matter how small–can have a material impact on systems downtime, company reputation, and regulatory compliance.

Therefore there is a tendency to resist making changes or make them slowly and carefully. But this is at odds with the need to increase the frequency of changes. Agility is a business differentiator. If the apps that support the business are not built to change, then they cannot support the business. Organizations that can master agility and are able to execute flawlessly will dominate.

To be able to make changes at pace, the development cycle needs to be supported by intelligence on the risk and impact of the changes. That means an aggregated view of all the related documentation on what has been configured and why, and then the proposed changes and dependencies, risks, and impact.

The app to support these change decisions is called a Change Intelligence Platform.

Download this report by analyst group InVisory to understand what a Change Intelligence Platform is and the vendors that are leading the charge in providing a Change Intelligence Platform. 


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