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Elements are focused on providing the approach and access to robust, elegant, affordable software, delivered in the cloud at scale.


Unlimited licenses and support

Elements.cloud is more than a tool. It is a platform that can help you solve the problems that you struggle with in your org.

Let us work with you to understand your challenges and how we can help you overcome them. We can then help you build a business case, with a price that is tailored to your org and your project needs.

Pricing is per seat price based on the total number of users in your org.

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Work in unlimited client Spaces

Consultant Editor license can create and edit in multiple client Spaces with all the enterprise features.

The license is assigned to a named person and can be transferred if a person leaves the firm.

Only named consulting license holders can be admins and editors.

If your client wants to edit content then they need to purchase licenses based on the standard pricing.

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