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Elements are focused on providing the approach and access to robust, elegant, affordable software, delivered in the cloud at scale.


Unlimited licences and support

Elements.cloud is more than a tool. It is a platform that can help you solve the problems that you struggle with in your org.

Let us work with you to understand your challenges and how we can help you overcome them. We can then help you build a business case, with a price that is tailored to your org and your project needs.

Pricing is based on either a percentage of your Salesforce spend or a per seat price based on the total number of users in your org.

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$500/ year per consultant to work in unlimited client Spaces

Consultant Editor license is assigned to a named person. The license can be transferred if a person leaves the firm.

Consultant Editor license can create and edit in multiple client Spaces with all the enterprise features.

Only named consulting license holders can be admins and editors.

If your client wants to edit content then they need to purchase licenses based on the standard pricing.

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Create an Elements user account and you get an Elements Playground.
You have full access to all the enterprise functionality, but you can only connect to a Dev Org and you cannot share the content you create.

So, no. You cannot use this for client project work!!

Hit the ground running

Don’t waste consulting dollars

Reduce the time by over 60% that your consultants take to understand your IT landscape. Enable them to make fact-based recommendations. And Elements gives them a place to store the documentation they generate throughout the project, so you are self-sufficient.

Proctively manage technical debt

Don’t let tech debt kill agility

When choosing a tool to handle technical debt, CIOs should look for one that covers all metadata types, including fields, picklists, email templates, groups, queues, roles, reports. 

Once the unwanted debt is removed, Salesforce will run much more efficiently, which leads to lower costs, better user adoption and faster delivery of mission-critical applications.

91% of top orgs have a COE

Run your Center of Excellence

A Center of Excellence has 13 pillars. Elements.cloud underpins the Center of Excellence by supporting a number of the pillars: governance, change control, methodology, standards, metadata management, architecture, security, change management, and of course, tooling.

Yin and yang

Build the right thing. Build the thing right

Change Intelligence is complementary to DevOps tooling. The handover to the developers is cleaner, and they get access to the business analysis to see the context of their work, reducing miscommunication. They also know the metadata risk analysis, which enables better scheduling and resourcing.