Accelerate change for Salesforce ISVs

Elements gives you and your consulting partners the tools to drive tighter customer engagement. You can understand how customers configured their org so that you can implement more quickly and safely. Then continue to monitor how they are using and configuring your app to stay ahead of support issues.

The use of has saved an average of one to two months on projects and allowed A5 to fast-track implementation while still maintaining efficiency and time to value.

Sean Ouimette – Engagement Director

Changing the game

Provide a personalized implementation experience

Armed with an intimate knowledge of your customer’s org, you can dramatically improve the change of a successful implementation. You get visibility of the existing configurations that could extend or delay your project timelines. And once you have delivered the project, you can stay connected, monitoring their org for changes that could adversely impact your packages.

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Increase customer success

Use customer org insights to plan and deliver better implementations for you and your SI partners.

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Get to the heart of support issues. Fast.

Understand what they changed and why so you can get them back online.

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Embed best practice documentation

Version-controlled process and config documentation inside your app. 

Give your SI partners an unfair advantage

Enable your SI partners to deliver more profitable projects with a platform that is a proven time-saver.

Reduce support costs

Impact analysis and automated documentation

Get to the heart of support issues. Understand what was changed and where it impacted the customer’s org. The nightly analysis includes org risk and impact analysis, where used, dependency, field population analytics, and automated documentation

The nightly notification of changes to clients’ orgs will keep you one step ahead.

Designed and priced for consultants

Give your partners superpowers

Get a valuable analysis of clients’ orgs so they can confidently bid and deliver projects. In addition, get insights into the business, regulatory, and technical risks and impact of implementing your package. So together, you can get results for clients faster.

Industry analyst report

Elements is a front runner

Salesforce industry analysts InVisory help companies evaluate and select the best apps in the Salesforce ecosystem. Their recent vendor report rates Elements as the front runner in Change Intelligence Platforms and the most complete Salesforce solution for managing change.

Frequently asked questions

Why is the license only $500 /year?

The Consultant license is the most powerful license. But, we want to make it the easiest decision you’ve made today so we become the default tool for all consultants.

Can we use a single consultant license for prospects and multiple customers?

Yes. The consultant license gives you access to all the enterprise features. It is the most powerful license. We want you to bake this into your sales and delivery methodology.

Can we use a single consultant license for running a managed service?

Absolutely. The Consultant license gives you access to all the enterprise features you need to run a managed service.

Is Elements only for Salesforce?

No. It has been designed to drive change across the entire IT landscape. Our go-to-market focus is Salesforce, which is often the core of organizations’ customer systems and has the most significant challenges.

Can clients use our licenses to edit content?

No. They will need to talk to us about buying their own licenses. We will be flexible to ensure that it does not put your project at risk.

Can I trial Elements?

Yes. Talk to us.