We are Elements

Driven by passion, directed by experience

We’re a dedicated team at Elements.cloud, driven by a passion for innovation and a commitment to excellence in the Salesforce ecosystem. Our mission is simple: to accelerate time to value and restore Salesforce agility by minimizing rework, maximizing adoption and building the right things – on time.

From Startup Bedroom to Global Software Success

The founders worked together as part of the executive team at Nimbus, which we grew from a startup in a bedroom in a small fishing village in the UK in 1997 to a global software company that had an enviable client list including 10% of the Fortune 500. We were one of the earliest customers of Salesforce in the UK in 2001 and customized it to support every area of the organization.

We learnt first-hand the challenges of managing a complex highly configured Salesforce implementation. In 2011, Nimbus was acquired by TIBCO and the executive team disbanded.

Elements.cloud platform supports changes to an organization

In 2015 we got the ‘band back together’ and decided to address the same issue – accelerating time to value – but focused initially on the Salesforce market. But we saw a far broader opportunity and architected the Elements.cloud platform so that it could support changes to an organization of any size and for every application in the IT landscape.

Building Success

Finally, we realize that you can only build a successful, global software company if you work first to build strong foundations in people, processes and technology.

Yes, we drink our own champagne. We have massive ambition. We have a huge opportunity. We are growing fast. But we are ensuring that it is responsible, sustainable growth.

Our values


Family and Health come first.


Seek forgiveness not permission. Act in the best interests of the company. Use your judgment and trust yourself to do the right thing. This is a ‘no blame’ culture. When things go wrong, which they will, we treat it as a learning experience.


Take pride in everything you do. Strive for excellence. Assume responsibility for continual improvement.


Always do the right thing, even in difficult circumstances. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or hold others accountable. Candor drives innovation.


Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Put yourself in the shoes of those you work with inside and outside the company.


Enjoy your work here at Elements. Put more energy into the business than you take out. Everybody benefits, but most of all you do.

We are looking for people like you

We’re growing rapidly and are always looking for bright, sparky, talented individuals to join the team. We hire for attitude not skills. And whilst we understand the flexibility that remote work offers, we also know that teams work better when they can be together.

Talk to us and shape your dream career at Elements.