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Empowering Kander Clients: Digital Transformation Success


Kander, led by CEO and Founder Pallavi Agarwal, is a global Salesforce consulting partner. They specialize in providing implementation, innovation, and advisory services, primarily in the Salesforce domain.

Challenges before Elements

Before integrating into their operations, Kander faced challenges in efficiently assessing the health and security of their Salesforce Orgs, which are critical for their consulting services. The lack of clarity in understanding the state of their clients’ Orgs and the need for a streamlined approach to manage them posed significant hurdles.

Our aim with Kander is not just to provide solutions, but to empower clients with knowledge and documentation for future self-sufficiency.​

Transformation with Elements

The introduction of was a game-changer for Kander. The Elements platform allows them to quickly evaluate the condition of their client’s Salesforce Orgs, identifying areas for improvement, security risks, and overall infrastructure needs. 

With Elements, they can engage in business process mapping and health assessments of Orgs more effectively leading to a deeper understanding of the current landscape and the future direction required for their clients.

The trust we build with Elements is beyond data and numbers. Our clients see and learn from their own Org transformations, fostering a trusted partnership with Kandor.

Benefits and ROI

The use of resulted in numerous benefits for Kander Consult and its clients:

  • Trusted partnerships: Clients developed and have trust in Kander, as they can see tangible improvements in their Orgs and learn from the process.
  • Knowledge transfer and empowerment: Kander’s goal of educating clients for future self-management is facilitated by Elements, ensuring a comprehensive transfer of knowledge and documentation.
  • Comprehensive features:’s business process mapping and metadata analysis capabilities are particularly beneficial, bringing together technical and functional team aspects seamlessly.


Kanders collaboration with not only enhances their service quality but also ingrains a sense of trust and partnership with their clients. The benefits extend beyond immediate consulting solutions, cultivating client independence and long-term value creation​​.

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If you’re struggling with understanding your own or your clients’ Salesforce implementations, talk to us to find out how we can also help streamline your Salesforce implementation and ensure success.

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