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Tenger Ways – Pioneers in Strategic Advisory

Tenger Ways has established itself as a leading strategic advisory service by helping businesses embrace change, turning it into a competitive advantage. They help organizations get more from technology by using modern practices built on the complementary philosophies of “continuous everything” and “bringing joy into the workplace.” 

Tenger Ways helps clients not just implement Salesforce but optimize and tailor it to their unique business needs and processes.

The Challenge: Maximizing Salesforce’s Potential

While Salesforce is known for its versatility and complexity, it requires a more nuanced approach to analysis and optimization. Tenger Ways aspires to deliver high value with speed. Traditional approaches were time-consuming and provided minimal insights. Tenger Ways recognized the need for a tool that could quickly and comprehensively delve deep into Salesforce Orgs, analyzing and understanding every facet. This was the catalyst for the development of their new service offering, “Tenger Fitness”, which is a high-velocity, high-impact effort to help organizations know the current fitness of their Salesforce investment and what steps they need to take to prepare for what they want to do next. It combines the intelligence built into Elements with world-class Salesforce specialists.

Elements was pivotal

The collaboration with Elements is a game-changer for Tenger Ways. Elements provides advanced analysis, automation, and a platform for documentation that is crucial in developing Tenger Fitness for Salesforce. This new service, delivered in a two-week format, offers a deep dive into clients’ Salesforce environments helping them get ready for whatever they want to do next. It focuses on three critical areas: business process analysis, technical architecture review, and data structure examination. 

Elements is at the heart of Tenger Fitness because it enables them to very quickly understand the client’s business processes, user experience, and technical ecosystem to build a specific framework that results in an easily understandable, distributable, customer-specific report, including an assessment of the platform and key next step recommendations for improving its fitness and accelerating modernization. Elements allows Tenger’s experts to follow Salesforce’s Well-Architected Framework during in-depth analysis and generation of customer collateral. Elements really is the Swiss Army knife for Salesforce.

The partnership with Elements allows Tenger Ways to deliver a service that is not only innovative but also highly effective in preparing organizations for the next steps in their Salesforce journey.

Using Elements is like having a Swiss Army knife for Salesforce. It’s become an integral part of our Salesforce-focused methodologies.

Daniel Keith, Tenger Ways

Benefits and ROI

  • Rapid and Comprehensive Analysis: The Elements platform enables Tenger Ways to conduct thorough and swift analysis of a client’s business processes within Salesforce’s technical ecosystem. This efficiency is a cornerstone of the success of Tenger Fitness.
  • Differentiated Service Offering: The introduction of Tenger Fitness for Salesforce has quickly become a key differentiator for Tenger Ways. This service significantly contributes to their business growth and client satisfaction.
  • Preparing For AI: With Elements, Tenger Fitness didn’t just stop at current Salesforce optimization. It is using Elements to offer “Tenger Fitness for Salesforce AI”, which is establishing whether clients are AI-ready.

Our partnership with Elements didn’t just enhance Tenger Fitness; it revolutionized it, enabling us to prepare our clients not just for today but for the AI of tomorrow.

Daniel Keith, Tenger Ways


Tenger Ways collaboration with Elements marks a significant leap in their service capability. The development of Tenger Fitness for Salesforce and Tenger Fitness for Salesforce AI, leveraging the Elements platform, provides a unique and comprehensive service. This service not only helps clients maximize their Salesforce investment but also positions them for future technological integrations, including AI.

When you combine the expertise of a Salesforce specialist with the power of an advanced toolset, that’s when it’s easy to delight the customer

Sandi Nuss Zellner, Tenger Ways

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