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Clear Processes, Better Business: Map Your Process and in Action


Map Your Process, led by John Stanton, specializes in helping businesses drive process transformations. They focus on uncovering the true picture of how businesses function, often revealing inefficiencies and areas for improvement that were previously hidden.

Using, we help businesses see the real picture of their processes, not just how they think things work.

John Stanton, Director at Map Your Process

The Challenge

Many companies believe they understand their business processes, but nagging doubts about inefficiencies often persist. John and his team frequently find that businesses operate in ways that don’t make sense when laid out clearly. For example, some processes may involve unnecessary steps or duplicate efforts that waste time and resources.

The Solution

Map Your Process uses the process-mapping capabilities of, because it emphasizes clarity and simplicity. It allows businesses to visualize their processes from a high-level overview down to detailed steps. It uses a hierarchy of maps, enabling users to drill down to the relevant level of detail. This visualization helps businesses quickly identify inefficiencies, such as duplicate tasks and non-value-adding activities.

Seeing our processes laid out clearly with made us realize how much inefficiency was built into daily operations.

The Impact

In one notable case, Map Your Process worked with a healthcare client and discovered that 82% of their tasks in a single process were non-value-adding. This realization was a game-changer, prompting the client to streamline their processes and focus on value-adding activities. The visual clarity provided by facilitated this quick and effective transformation. helped us quickly identify and eliminate duplicate tasks, saving us both time and resources.


Using, Map Your Process helps businesses gain a clear understanding of their actual workflows. It is instrumental in identifying and eliminating inefficiencies, leading to more streamlined and effective business operations. Seeing the real picture of business processes can rapidly shift the conversation and drives meaningful change.

The visual clarity provided by was a game-changer for our operations.

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