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Ian Gotts, CEO of Elements.cloud, delivered a presentation on UPN at the HIKE2 Innovation Summit. Ian’s talk focused on the significance of UPN in process mapping and its application in various business sectors.

UPN’s adoption by Salesforce, shows that it’s the standard notation, for process mapping. Great UPN aids in understanding business processes, testing user acceptance, and training. Watch the presentation, to learn how to make the switch from good to great UPN.

Tips for great UPN:

  • Start implementation with low-risk, high-benefit processes.
  • Recognize the importance of documentation and continuous improvement in processes.
  • Make use of resources like Elements.cloud’s process mapping solution and Salesforce’s UPN training course.

Ian stressed the importance of process mapping for innovation and operational improvement, in his presentation. Don’t fall behind! Watch the recording now.

Enjoy the webinar and make sure to share it with your colleagues.

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