Stadia Church Planting


Stadia Church Planting is using Elements to build churches on solid foundations

Stadia Church Planting

The world needs hope.

The church is how they’ll find it.

Stadia Church Planting’s mission is to plant churches that intentionally care for children. They give people and groups the tools they need to start and maintain Christian churches. It starts with assessment, through project planning, funding, and ongoing support with everything from accounting to digital transformation. And that is now more important than ever. In their words, “Stadia prepares leaders to start healthy churches that intentionally reach the next generation of believers, spreading the hope of Jesus.”


We couldn’t imagine Salesforce without Elements!



Stadia had a few challenges keeping them from staying agile. The Org documentation that they had was unmanageable, as they relied on manually documenting each process over multiple Word documents. This took many hours to keep up-to-date after each build, and still did not capture all needed information. In addition, Org fixes between builds were not routinely updated, and were scattered over multiple documents. The lack of processes and disorganized data was exacerbated when their head developer left, which led to a dozen hours of discovery just to figure out what was going on. 


Elements has become a powerful and integral part of mapping business processes, enabling business analysis before Org changes and Org cleanup. 

Stadia knew that Elements process mapping would help them get a handle on their documentation, however, they did not know how powerful Elements would become. A project that would have taken their solo admin weeks to configure, only took 10 hours to create clear requirements and 23 hours in their sandbox. Org impact analysis made it so much easier to see the impact of code from multiple developers. Org cleanup has also allowed Stadia to see how poorly-documented their Org was and make continual upgrades from there. Their optimized process saves 40 hours of labor per month, and continues to gain improvements with each automated process. 

COVID Transformation

Elements has empowered Stadia to swiftly transition into a new way of working that combines the physical and digital needs of services. This manifested in the form of “Phygital”, church re-imagined as both physical and digital in anticipation of eventual re-opening. Stadia developed a completely new service line in just three weeks, starting out by mapping the process in Elements and then building the whole infrastructure in Salesforce. So far Stadia has had hundreds of congregations participating in coaching and cohorts, and

“Using Elements to build churches on solid foundations”