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Customertimes, established in 2007, is headquartered in New York and has a significant global footprint, with over 1,500 staff operating in over 60 countries. They are focused on delivering technology solutions that drive a real return on investment (ROI) for their clients​. A key aspect of Customertimes’ growth and specialization has been its partnership with Salesforce since 2008. Customertimes’ growth from a boutique consulting firm to a global technology solutions provider demonstrates its dedication to innovation, customer satisfaction, and staying ahead in the fast-paced world of digital transformation.

The Challenge

Customertimes faced the challenge of effectively supporting customers, often in complex Salesforce environments. These environments sometimes included legacy systems, where changes were made directly in production, leading to technical debt. This technical debt often hindered companies from progressing to more advanced cloud services, like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, or Commerce Cloud. Customertimes needed a way to efficiently identify and address these issues to facilitate their clients’ growth and investment in Salesforce technologies​​.

We want to create an offer that has the tools that we know every customer would benefit from. So Elements is part of our managed service offering now with other DevOps tools.

Jim Goldfinger, Chief Customer Officer and Partner, Customertimes

Solution and Transformation

Customertimes adopted Elements, a tool that provided critical support in managing and scaling global systems. Elements played a pivotal role in two types of projects: starting new ones and taking over existing ones.  It allowed for clear requirements specification within Salesforce, feeding into Jira, which streamlines the DevOps process and overall project management. For established Salesforce users challenged with technical debt, Elements offered a way to perform a detailed analysis of configuration, identifying what needed to be fixed and understanding dependencies and impacts of potential changes​​.

Elements brings clear benefits in managing Salesforce projects, both those we start and those we inherit.

Jim Goldfinger, Chief Customer Officer and Partner, Customertimes

Benefits and Results

  • Enhanced Service Offerings: Customertimes leveraged Elements to enhance its managed services integrated with DevOps. It enables consistent governance policies and internal efficiencies. This approach ensured that every customer benefits from the best practices in managing their Salesforce environments​​.
  • Consolidation and Innovation Support: The Salesforce journey for many of Customertimes’ clients involved rapid and reactive starts, leading to fragmented systems across different divisions and geographies. Elements are invaluable for consolidating these disparate systems, enabling clients to innovate and grow from a more unified and efficient base​​.
  • AI Integration and Sales Effectiveness: Customertimes is able to provide valuable AI tools to their clients, improving efficiency and effectiveness in utilizing Salesforce technologies​​. Elements helps them understand the AI-readiness of clients and AI can provide the greatest return.


Customertimes, a Salesforce partner, faced challenges in managing complex Salesforce environments with technical debt. By adopting Elements, they were able to analyze and address system inefficiencies, enhancing their consulting and managed service offerings. This included the integration of AI for sales effectiveness and support for client innovation. The result was more effective and efficient management of Salesforce environments, ensuring client growth and satisfaction.

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