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How GPT could change Salesforce careers

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Home » Blog » How GPT could change Salesforce careers

Written by Ian Gotts

How will your career change when GPT can understand your business processes, your org config and Well-Architected, and can then suggest metadata changes?  What would take you a day, takes just 1 minute. And it makes better recommendations that you could make because it considers everything, every time.

Exciting future? No. It is here today and was demonstrated last week in a production org.

Currently all the discussion are about how to prompt ChatGPT to improve day to day tasks. Whilst this is an important first step, there are apps that self-prompt GPT which are set to disrupt Salesforce career paths. Alarmist or realist?

Watch this short demo of ElementsGPT – Change Intelligence Platform powered by AI. This technology will be in a pilot for customers and SIs in 2-3 weeks and GA before Dreamforce23. Spoiler alert: This is the most exciting or scariest 3:30 of video you will watch this week

What did I just see, and how did it do this?

Elements is a Change Intelligence Platform. It is a combination of automatically generated and manually created change documentation. This is the content that is needed in the ideas, analysis and design phases of the change lifecycle. There is then tight integration to hand-off to the ticketing and DevOps tools for the build phase and the content supports the test phase. Post-release it also provides in-app help for training, and measurement of adoption.

This content in Elements includes feedback, requirements, brainstorming, process maps, architecture diagrams, ERDs, org and app metadata dictionaries with impact and dependency analysis, and user stories grouped by release.

Excited or scared? 

This demo was part of a webinar talking about the power of GPT and the impact it will have on Salesforce careers. It explains why the future of org management is more that getting good at typing prompts into ChatGPT, because apps will be able to do the prompting for you. It also talked about the skills you need to master in the new GPT-enabled world of Salesforce.

Want to know more or be informed when ElementsGPT is available?

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