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With Elements, we can condense that week’s worth of effort into a day or even just a few hours.”

Jean-Se Dorais, Founder and CEO

Taming the Data Beast: 21 Knots’ Journey to Salesforce Consultancy Excellence

Jean-Se Dorais, the Founder and CEO of 21 Knots, is a highly experienced consultant in the Salesforce ecosystem, was facing a common challenge in his field. His team at 21 Knots, a professional services organization, was struggling with the complexities of client metadata, and it was slowing them down. Data was everywhere, but making sense of it was a challenge. The risk of removing a field and accidentally breaking a crucial process was a constant worry. It was clear that a solution was needed to streamline the workflow and bring clarity to the data chaos.

The turning point came when Jean-Se discovered Elements, a platform designed to visualize and comprehend the interrelation of various objects in client metadata. It was an eye-opening moment that revolutionized the way 21 Knots worked.

“With a click of a button, we could see everything interrelated,”

Jean-Se recalls. This newfound ability to easily understand the connections between fields, reports, and flows made managing and optimizing their clients’ Salesforce implementations considerably easier.

In addition, Elements offered an invaluable feature that transformed how Jean-Se’s team stayed on top of changes – the daily reports. Each morning, they receive an email detailing what has been added or updated in the Salesforce instances they manage. This proactive alert system helps the team spot potential red flags, such as an unexpected surge in created objects.

The daily report provided by Elements enables us to monitor our client’s organization effectively. If we spot something unusual, like a thousand objects created overnight, we can promptly investigate and ensure everything’s okay.

The time-saving impact of Elements was also significant. Before the platform’s introduction, the discovery phase could take a week of intensive effort. “With Elements,” Jean-Se explains, “we can condense that week’s worth of effort into a day or even just a few hours.”

Furthermore, the user-friendly platform provides invaluable insights for new client onboarding. Before even beginning the onboarding process, the team can access and analyze a client’s Salesforce instance. As Jean-Se notes, “We can tell them, ‘On the account field, you’re using 50 fields on your page layout, but only 12% of these fields are consistently being filled.’ This empowers us to make data-driven recommendations and provide effective solutions.”

In conclusion, Elements has been a game-changer for 21 Knots. It has transformed their approach to Salesforce consultancy, offering enhanced data visualization, daily reporting, and a more efficient discovery process. By significantly improving their workflow, increasing efficiency, and enhancing their ability to deliver optimized solutions, Elements has enabled 21 Knots to bring unprecedented value to their clients.

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