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The band adds new dates to the tour…. #awesomeadmin

We got the band back together in 2015.  We spent 2 years writing some new material (Elements app) and rehearsing.  Our comeback gig was Dreamforce 16. We weren’t sure if we could still do it.

“We rocked” apparently and got a few more gigs; a supporting set at Tahoe Dreamin’ and then as the main act in the Admin Theater at World Tour in Sydney and then Southeast Dreamin’ in Atlanta.

Where next?  We’d planned a US tour, but now due to popular demand, we’ve added some new US cities and worldwide the tour dates. So now there is NO excuse to miss one of our sell-out sets.

27 April: Charlotte – North Carolina User Group

2 May: New York – Salesforce World Tour

2 May: San Francisco – East Bay User Group

8 May: Los Angeles – Force Academy

11 May: Austin – Texas Dreamin’

18 May: London – Salesforce World Tour

31 May: Boston – Salesforce World Tour

15 June: Chicago – Salesforce World Tour

2 August: Portland: Forcelandia

11 August: Chicago – Midwest Dreamin’

14 Sept: Paris – French Touch Dreamin’

If you have a User group, we’re on it. We’ve got the material that makes the crowd go wild. Get in touch.  For bookings  alyssa@elements.cloud


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