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Swimlanes are available in free version

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Swimlanes can be a visually powerful aid to group the roles, departments, systems or locations involved in a given set of activities. With Elements Process Knowledge, you can have BOTH swimlanes and resources on activities. This allows you to draw the flow of activity boxes that is most logical and understandable, with the visual power of swimlanes and the analytical capabilities of resources.



There is no limit to the number of swimlanes you can have on a diagram, and they can be horizontal or vertical. The swimlanes are a diagram  “background” so they do not control the positioning of activity boxes. You can put an activity box anywhere on top of the swimlanes.  The placing of an activity box on a swimlane does not have any meaning or relationship. The resource defines the responsibility for an activity.

There is more information on the Swimlanes Help Page

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