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Salesforce Admins: Document your Org in 3 easy steps

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Home » Blog » Salesforce Admins: Document your Org in 3 easy steps

Document your Org in 3 easy steps

You all know you should be documenting your Org. If you don’t then you limit the agility of the company. Every time you think about making any change to your configuration, there is always that nagging doubt “What will I break if I change this”. A well-documented Org will enable you to understand the impact of changes. Then you can accelerate the pace of change with confidence. Migrating to Lightning is less of a leap into the dark.

What if documenting your Org could be easy? Well, not easy – but straightforward. That is what Elements Config Manager has been built to do.

1. Install the free Elements Salesforce Integration package and upgrade to Pro.
2. In a single click you can synchronize your Org’s configuration data into a table in Elements.
3. Then in Elements you can add notes, URL links and meta data to any config item in the table.

You can even launch the edit page in Salesforce for any item in the Elements table. No more hunting through Salesforce Setup. And finally you can run impact assessment reports to increase confidence and agility when making on ongoing change.

Compelling. Yes. Expensive, no.

Compelling? We think so, and so do all th3 MVPs and Salesforce Admins we’ve shown it to.

Expensive? Not really. Every Salesforce Systems Administrator needs to have a Pro license at $60/m (and until end April, you only need 1 Pro license no matter how many System Administrators you have).

Tell me more, or arrange a quick demo

Here’s a picture to explain what it does.  But if you are confused please talk to us success@elements.cloud and let arrange a quick demo




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