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Salesforce Admin? Let’s get started

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Home » Blog » Salesforce Admin? Let’s get started

After the fantastic response from our live workshops at Dreamforce we are getting questions for Salesforce Admins who want to get going. It is really simple – you don’t need to install anything inside Salesforce to get started. And everything I am describing here is Free. For Ever. For Everyone.

Elements Business Analysis App

Register for Elements. This gives you access to the business analysis app which is standalone running on AWS. It is where you can start mapping business processes or reusing some of the pre-built examples.

You can create different “Spaces” within Elements. You have a Personal Space where you can access the Tutorial, play and create maps. You can create Team Spaces. A Team Space is where you can create maps and invite users – inside or our outside your company – to view, collaborate or edit maps.

REGISTER for Elements

Elements Salesforce Player

The Salesforce Player is a installed package that adds capability – load all Salesforce Org users into Elements, provide single sign-on, embed diagrams in Salesforce Tab and also standard and custom objects.

Once installed, you “connect” an Elements Space to an Org. So ONE Elements login can have many spaces (Sandbox, Prod, Team-X, Client-Y). You can install Salesforce Player into multiple Salesforce Orgs. Link a Salesforce Org to an Elements Space. A Salesforce Org can only be connected to ONE Elements Space. An Elements Space can be connected to multiple Salesforce Orgs. For more detailed information on the Answers.Elements.Cloud site

Download Elements Salesforce Player Config Guide and link to Package install

eBook on Business Analysis

We’ve written a book called Analysis, Automation and Adoption for #AwesomeAdmins which is now available for free download.

This is absolutely amazing! I will be sharing this one!! You’ll especially want to check out the steps for leading live mapping workshops in the appendix.

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