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Is your Org BG or PG?  (Before GoogleMaps or Post GoogleMaps)

Home » Blog » Is your Org BG or PG?  (Before GoogleMaps or Post GoogleMaps)
Home » Blog » Is your Org BG or PG?  (Before GoogleMaps or Post GoogleMaps)


We might never have reached our destination if it weren’t for Bret Taylor, the COO of Salesforce. He was the inspiration behind of Google Maps. He was given the task of building a competitor to Yellow Pages. Fortunately, he looked at the potential if you brought together more sources of data than just a directory of businesses. Now you wouldn’t leave the house without it.

The power of Google Maps is that it is so much more than the paper maps of the past. Remember the BG (Before GoogleMap) times when road trips were planned in advance with one route that you had to stick to? It wasn’t easy to change a route due to traffic or or a change in plan.

Now Google Maps pulls so much disparate information together it makes your drive much easier and smoother. It compiles the route you want to take, the traffic, restaurants, rest stops, and gas stations. Somehow it manages to calculate how long it will take. It helps you make better decisions about your journey. No, wait. It makes better decisions for you, so you don’t have to. Without it, you would run out of gas, get stuck in traffic, and arrive late.

AN ORG THAT IS BG (Before GoogleMaps)

If you don’t have all of the knowledge you can’t be confident to make changes, at pace. Just like in the BG days where you had only some of the information – the route, the gas stations – but it was disconnected. You never had access to the historical traffic patterns which makes Google ETA predictions so powerful.

So why are so many Salesforce orgs still using the equivalent to paper maps? Or even no map at all.

Most Orgs have some information; process diagrams, user stories, some metadata descriptions in a spreadsheet. But they are siloed. There is so much more potential to accelerate innovation if you have all the information connected.

Now you can have a metadata dictionary that is constantly sync’d with your Orgs, and has automatically created documentation and change impact analysis. This is linked to your existing information. Then you have a powerful body of knowledge of the Org configuration; we call that Configuration Knowledge. 

The Elements.cloud Change Intelligence Platform can help your org make sure that it’s not still running on paper maps. It provides an enterprise scale, aggregated, connected view of all automated and manually created documentation and processes within the org; requirements, business process maps, user stories, org impact and dependency analysis, configuration changes, security scans, testing and end user help.

We could have taken a narrow view of the problem – does a field have data, or where is the metadata used. But like Bret Taylor, we saw a bigger picture with more potential by connecting all the available information. And just like GoogleMaps vs Yellow Pages, the power is in the connections. We make your Salesforce journey quicker and easier.

You wouldn’t leave the house without Google Maps, so why would you run your Org without Configuration Knowledge?

Run a a free Proof Of Concept and make your journey faster and less stressful.  elements.cloud/bookdemo

FUN FACT: Bret Taylor, the COO of Salesforce, helped to create GoogleMaps. The “satellite” feature was almost named Bird Mode!

Photo by Jean-Frederic Fortier on Unsplash

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