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Where is the CarFax for your Org?

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Home » Blog » Where is the CarFax for your Org?

You wouldn’t spend $5,000 on a used car without checking CarFax and going through all the history. As CarFax says. “A car’s history affects its value”. So why are you risking thousands of dollars when changing Salesforce by not assembling the complete picture of the Configuration Knowledge.

Derisking the car buying process

Buying a car was the first big purchase that you made. It took months from the first time the thought “I should get a car” popped into your head to the moment you held the keys for the first time. And you probably weren’t able to buy or lease a new car so you had to take the risk of a used car.   That is where CarFax is so valuable. They’ve pulled together all the different sources of data about every car.   Well, not every car.  But why would you buy a car that doesn;t have all the CarFax reports.

When I bought my first car CarFax didn’t exist. If you were lucky the previous owners kept a shoebox full of receipts which was referred to as a FSH (Full Service History).  But you had no idea if it was complete. Then you drove the car around the block and took the risk.

Derisking changing your Org

Contrast this to your Salesforce Org.   Does it have a FSH – a list documents gathering dust on a hard drive – or does it have a CarFax – up to date Configuration Knowledge?

The Elements.cloud Configuration Knowledge Platform can help your org make sure that it’s not still running on paper maps. It provides an enterprise scale, aggregated, connected view of all automated and manually created documentation and processes within the org; requirements, business process maps, user stories, org impact and dependency analysis, configuration changes, security scans, testing and end user help.

We could have taken a narrow view of the problem – does a field have data, or where is the metadata used. But like CarFax we saw a bigger picture with more potential by connecting all the available information and pulling that togeher for you. And just like CarFax, the power is in the connections.

You wouldn’t buy a car without CarFax, so why would you run your Org without Configuration Knowledge?


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