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43 sec business case for process mapping

When we started Nimbus in 1997 we were evangelists. Every sale was a triumph. Not beating the competition, but finding a like-minded client who “got it”.  Elements.cloud is no different. We have clients that understand:

  • The audience for the process maps is everyone in the company, so it needed to be simple
  • The process content was the “operations manual” and “single source of truth”, so it needed to be managed
  • That you could get benefits without automating every single activity, so it needed to be continuously improved

The understanding and market have evolved. There is still a need in company after company, but there is now a greater awareness of the need, the benefits and the approach. But ultimately it is all about seeing clients get success.  So take a look at this quick video which sums up the benefits that Carphone Warehouse, a retailer teamed up with Best Buy with 800+ stores got….  back as a Nimbus customer in 2007.  BTW This project won them a Gartner BPM award which they richly deserved.



BTW Salesforce has launched a Business Process Mapping course that teaches UPN (Universal Process Notation) which is the approach used in the video.   TRAINING COURSE



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