Navigating Digital Transformation: The Power of Clean Data and Metadata

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Unlocking the Power of Data and Metadata for Digital Excellence

Join Xavery Lisinski, VP of Product Management at Elements.cloud, as he collaborates with Olivia Hinkle, Director of Product Marketing at Validity, to delve into the essentials of data and metadata:

  • Discover the interconnectedness of data and metadata and its crucial role in business ecosystems
  • Learn the importance of cleaning both data and metadata in tandem for optimal system performance
  • Review real-world examples of the repercussions of poor data management and the rewards of meticulous cleanup
  • Gain insights to streamline your data strategies, becoming an indispensable asset in your organization’s digital evolution

Don’t miss this opportunity to advance your data expertise. Watch the session and elevate your approach.

Enjoy the webinar and make sure to share it with your colleagues.

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