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We interviewed a panel of experts at TrailblaizerDX 2023 about what makes their Center of Excellence, ‘excellent’.  Sit back and enjoy the whole experience.

“If you don’t have a Center of Excellence, you don’t know what is the long term vision”

Jitendra Zaa, IBM

Listen to the full conversation at  10:29 – 13:29

How to sell a COE internally?

“I think if you could connect the dots to the [Salesforce] strategy, how this is going to enable that to happen faster, and at a higher level of quality that’s where I’d go right from there to help pitch it.”

Ken Piddington, US Silica

Listen to the full conversation at 43:06 – 43:37

What is your COE doing right now?

“Where are our risks?”
“What if some other company stood up in [your market] and said ‘we can do what they do in less than half the time’…?”

Viv Ralls, JDPA

Listen to the full conversation at  36:50 – 39:29 

How do you get funding?

“I’ve gone out and sold everything we do on those critical strategies that our CEO is talking about all the time and how we connect into there and help deliver on that strategy for the company.”

Ken Piddington, US Silica

Listen to the full conversation at 28:07 – 29:51


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