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Privia Health is a forward-thinking healthcare organization dedicated to supporting providers in small office settings. The company offers a comprehensive suite of tools, technology, and talent, enabling providers to deliver high-quality care efficiently. Kelly Leslie, as the product owner of Privia Health’s multi-cloud tools, plays a crucial role in managing and optimizing these technological solutions.

Every Salesforce org should have It makes life easier.


When Kelly Leslie joined Privia Health, the organization faced significant operational challenges due to the lack of adequate documentation for its mature platform. The primary issue was the inefficiency in accessing and understanding how specific fields were leveraged within the platform. This gap in documentation often led to prolonged research efforts, with the development team spending an estimated 20 to 30 hours on tasks that should have been straightforward. These delays not only hampered productivity but also diverted the team’s focus from more strategic and innovative work.


To address these challenges, Privia Health implemented, a powerful Change Intelligence platform designed to enhance documentation and streamline processes. provided a dynamic solution that enabled Kelly to map out processes and troubleshoot issues in real time. The platform’s integration with Salesforce, particularly its side panel feature, allowed Kelly and her team to quickly locate and understand how different fields were utilized. This capability significantly improved communication with stakeholders and expedited decision-making processes.

It brings transparency. It brings process and it ties the process into the technology that’s built.

Implementation process

The adoption of was seamless and transformative. Kelly utilized the tool to conduct business mapping directly within the platform, ensuring that all requirements and processes were clearly documented and easily accessible. The development team benefited greatly from this approach, as they could drill down into business processes, add automations, and assess the impact of these changes efficiently.

With, we were able to cut down the time spent on field research from 20-30 hours to just a few minutes, allowing us to focus on more impactful projects.


Privia Health’s experience with Elements underscores the platform’s value in transforming platform management through improved documentation and process integration. The benefits realized by Privia Health, including significant time savings, enhanced transparency, and better stakeholder communication, highlight the effectiveness of in addressing common operational challenges. Kelly Leslie reinforces the importance of the platform for any organization using Salesforce, as it simplifies processes and enhances overall efficiency. “Every Salesforce org should have It makes life easier,” Kelly concludes.

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