Driving innovation

Elements for Salesforce CROs

You need Salesforce to be agile enough to support your teams. But, too often, changes take too long or break the org. Elements.cloud has been designed to drive change faster and rigorously, resulting in greater user adoption.

By utilizing Elements.cloud with our Salesforce.com, we’ve been able to make the changes confidently with agility. We’re feeling very confident with our spend with both Elements.cloud and Salesforce and that we’re getting a wonderful return on our investment for our Salesforce ecosystem.

Allen Lovett, AVP Sales Elastic

Accelerate transformational change

Agility. Productivity. Confidence.

As a CRO, Salesforce drives your decisions and your team’s productivity. The pace of changes should enable business agility and make your teams more productive. Elements gives you confidence in the data for decision-making. 

The Elements platform provides insights into the business, regulatory, and technical risks and impact of change. So the Salesforce development teams can drive changes faster, giving the organization the agility it needs. 

The platform combines system-generated documentation with manual documentation generated in the change lifecycle across the entire IT landscape; business analysis, architecture, metadata, and training.

Increase the pace of change, safely.

Not every change should take 3 months. Understand the true effort to make a change based on the complexity and tech debt in your org.

Simplify Salesforce to improve productivity

Simplifying screens and providing in-app help will increase team productivity, reduce frustration and clean up data.

Confidence in data improves decision making

Get a clear line of sight from the dashboards back to the data source. This ensures that you are making data-driven decisions.

Maximize Salesforce ROI

Better business and org analysis ensures you are building what is really needed. This eliminates rework and increases adoption. 

Change Intelligence Platform

Making more intelligent decisions. Faster.

Elements is a Change Intelligence Platform. It manages Salesforce changes at every step, from feedback to user adoption.

The automated org analysis and documentation and powerful visualization enable teams to change Salesforce quickly with more confidence.

Industry analyst report

Elements is a front runner

Salesforce industry analysts InVisory help companies evaluate and select the best apps in the Salesforce ecosystem. Their recent vendor report rates Elements as the front runner in Change Intelligence Platforms and the most complete Salesforce solution for managing change.

Hit the ground running

Don’t waste consulting dollars

If you have consultants they can reduce the time taken to understand your IT landscape by 60%. They have better org intelligence to make recommendations. And Elements tracks all changes and documentation so that they leave you able to be self-sufficient.

91% of top orgs have a COE

Run your Center of Excellence

A Center of Excellence has 13 pillars. Elements.cloud underpins the Center of Excellence by supporting a number of the pillars: governance, change control, methodology, standards, metadata management, architecture, security, change management, and of course, tooling.

Yin and yang

Build the right thing. Build the thing right

Change Intelligence is complementary to DevOps tooling. The handover to the developers is cleaner, and they get access to the business analysis to see the context of their work, reducing miscommunication. They also know the metadata risk analysis, which enables better scheduling and resourcing.

It’s made our lives easier using Elements. I feel more confident that we’ll be able to answer questions accurately and quickly. It’s a tool that we can rely on to offer accurate, quick support to our end users, so really, it makes us look good.

Vivian Ralls
Salesforce Enterprise Architect – J.D.Power

Frequently asked questions

Why am I only hearing about this now?

It has taken five years to build a complete Change Intelligence Platform product that supports the entire implementation lifecycle. We can close the loop on risk, impact, and documentation and drive massive benefits for your team. 

If we already have DevOps tools like Jira, do we need Elements.cloud?

Elements is complementary to DevOps tooling. That is how we designed it. And we have integrations with the leading DevOps tooling vendors, including Jira.

Is Elements only for Salesforce?

No. Elements has been designed to drive change across your entire IT landscape. Our go-to-market focus is Salesforce, which is often the core of organizations’ customer systems and has the most significant challenges.

Can I trial Elements?

Yes. Talk to us.