Accelerate time to value

Increase ROI of Salesforce

Salesforce is a strategic investment. The scale and complexity of orgs make it challenging to make the changes at the pace the business demands without the fear of breaking the org. provides the intelligence to make the right changes quickly and confidently, increasing your Salesforce ROI.

It was a hundred percent improvement from no documentation. A day’s time of running around people finding who owns the field reduced to zero as it’s all there.

Carlo Joe – Director of Salesforce, Weave

Unlock innovation

Make better change decisions. Faster.

Using powerful org analysis and documentation capabilities, Elements provides you with the intelligence to safely accelerate the pace of change. But more importantly, the rigorous business analysis tooling provided by Elements allows your teams to understand what your users really need so that your development teams can be more effective.

You will see an improvement in user adoption, customer satisfaction and the ROI in Salesforce.

Increase adoption

Build with the confidence that the changes you are making will be adopted because you have understood the true requirements.

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Increase business agility

Making the changes the business needs, at pace, without breaking the org provides business agility.

Reduce rework

Build the right thing first time with better business analysis. Org analysis means that issues and conflicts are spotted earlier when they are cheaper to resolve.

Increase investment ROI

Making the right changes faster, with reduced rework costs, is the best way to increase the ROI for Salesforce.

Proven ROI

Agility accelerator

You can conduct org discovery 20% of the time.

The intelligence provided by Elements makes it 500x times faster to analyze the impact of changes than manual research.

You can identify conflicts and issues during business analysis rather than discovering them during development, reducing rework by 80%.

The complexity of scale crushes Salesforce’s responsiveness. As Salesforce use grows, innovation slows and flexibility evaporates. Why? Every app change risks breaking one of hundreds of data and process customisations, integration links, and third-party add-ons.

The result: every change requires long and expensive impact-analysis and regression testing projects – killing the responsiveness that made Salesforce attractive at the start.

Forrester research

Salesforce @Scale Dilemma

In 2017 industry analysts Forrester coined the phrase “Salesforce @scale dilemma” when they identified that as Salesforce becomes more successful inside organizations, the agility drops.

The capability and scope of the Salesforce platform has exploded. We now see highly complex orgs, and Forrrester’s analysis is even more true today.

Diving agility

Change Intelligence addresses Salesforce @scale dilemma

Forrester recognized that the Salesforce @Scale dilemma was not a given. “The Salesforce@scale dilemma is a challenge for clients to overcome rather than an inevitable outcome of large-scale, strategic Salesforce implementations.

Elements Change Intelligence Platform will ensure organizations do not suffer from the Salesforce @Scale dilemma. It accelerates the implementation change lifecycle by combining metadata, impact analysis and documentation visualized in context.

Industry analyst report

Elements is a front runner

Salesforce industry analysts InVisory help companies evaluate and select the best apps in the Salesforce ecosystem. Their recent vendor report rates Elements as the front runner in Change Intelligence Platforms and the most complete Salesforce solution for managing change.