Data Privacy Manager (not used)

Tracking privacy permissions  for Salesforce and/or Pardot

This article gets into the detail of customizing Salesforce and Pardot to support GDPR compliance; what is GDPR, building a data inventory of personal data, custom objects to track permissions/consent, where the Individual object fits, and finally how to drive email marketing and unsubscribes cycle.
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DATA PRIVACY managed app for Salesforce

Capture and store permissions / consents for Contacts, Leads and User Accounts so you can comply with GDPR

GDPR requires you to show evidence for every contact/prospect that you have valid data privacy permissions for each type of communication and that it has an expiry date. This is more than simply adding a few more checkboxes to the Contact object.
You need to ensure your marketing and sales teams stay effective and focused on the right prospects / customers, not tied up in data entry.
You don’t want to change your marketing model, so the managed app has the flexibility built in. But it also has the structure to keep your users on the right side of the GDPR auditors by controlling their data input through marketing defaults.

Rules based optins

Add a permission and the opt-ins are automatically added based on your communication rules.

Auto expire & alerts

Permissions automatically expire based on expiration rules and screen alerts stop users contacting the person by mistake.

Single-click unsubscribe

A single unsubscribe button on a communication ensures ALL opt-ins for the different permissions are automatically unsubscribed.

Dashboards and reports

Get a clearer picture of your GDPR compliance with dashboards and reports of Leads and Contacts


The app is available in AppExchange   CLICK HERE TO VIEW LISTING


$3,000 per Org per year

Install and get 7 day trial from the AppExchange

AppExchange listing


Below is a screenshot of the listing of Contact record. In the right panel are all the active and expired permissions and the left panel has the allowed communications based on the active permissions, with the unsubscribe on the dropdown.

Watch this short video that shows the principles of the Data Privacy Manager and a demonstration of the functionality

Install and get 7 day trial from the AppExchange

AppExchange listing