Data Privacy Manager

Data Privacy Manager provides a company-wide approach to complying with privacy regulations & GDPR


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Track Permissions

Data Privacy Manager directly allows tracking on the Salesforce Platform and easily lets you manage Data Protection Requests.

Build a solid justification for processing data by including a lawful basis in every interaction based on permissions.

Flag the data for review when customers have withdrawn their permission to process.

Marketing Integrations

Use Salesforce Tasks to automatically create a permission history, and let P360 do the heavy lifting.

All subscriptions are synced to your contact & lead records.

Integrate with any marketing automation solution and manage lists based on permissions/consents.

Preference Center

Preference centers based on free Community license can be branded & internationalized.

Customers can subscribe/unsubscribe & update permissions/consents on the web and mobile devices.

Drive customers to preference centers from multiple locations; email footer, marketing emails and websites.

Single view of permissions

Gives you a Customer360 view of consents from all customer touch points (ie.g. sales, marketing & service).

See multiple permissions, sources of privacy consent and expiry dates for every Lead, Contact and Person Account.

Permissions can be unsubscribed manually or automatically when they expire. Screen alerts ensure users don’t contact Leads, Contacts or Person Accounts by mistake.

Data Expirations

Set privacy policies that automatically set expiry and data deletion dates for all permissions based on privacy source.

Drive marketing campaigns with confidence that consents are in place and customer privacy requests are supported.

Plan campaigns to re-engage customers before their permissions expire.

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Making sure Salesforce is in compliance with GDPR can be difficult, but this product is an easy to use tool that provides us the peace of mind. It has everything that you need to comply with GDPR. Not only is the tool easy to setup and the interface very intuitive, but it is also easy to maintain and the customer support is GREAT. They are quick to answer any of your questions and are always willing to schedule meetings to help you through issues.

Alcami Corporation


Install the P360 Managed Package for a 14 day trial