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Derisk projects with x-ray vision into your clients' Org

Avoid mistakes with the metadata impact analysis and dependency trees

Get 100% adoption with in-app pop-up help and feedback

And we have the most intuitive process mapping tool.. but you know that, right?

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Consulting (Salesforce)

Increase adoption. Increase agility. Increase trust.

Elements is the only integrated platform that enables you to get client projects adopted, at pace, with confidence.

Your clients demand business agility

They need an agile implementation lifecycle

To accelerate the lifecycle you need to eliminate the friction and improve collaboration at every phase. coordinates the development and reuse of all documentation around the lifecycle and provides critical metadata impact assessments to accelerate decision making. ensures their Org improves with age – like a fine wine or classic sports car

We've designed this for consultants. Let's see if it will work for you and your clients



Requirements & User Stories

Capture and manage all your requirements and users stories in one place with a managed lifecycle sync’d to Jira and Copado.

Add supporting documentation and collaborate on requirements, link to process diagrams and Salesforce config items. View this inside Jira.

Org Impact Analysis

Make changes faster with confidence with powerful Org Impact Analysis. Production and Sandboxes metadata sync’d and analyzed every night.

Field %filled, Field WhereUsed, Field Impact, Dependency Trees. All delivered inside Salesforce Setup, Record Pages and Copado.

In-app Feedback and Help

Extend the Salesforce help icon for objects and fields to add In-app feedback, help and ratings.  Respond in seconds and drive up user adoption and data quality.

Help articles can be rich text documents, URL links to external content (procedures, training , videos, apps) and process diagrams.

Process Mapping

Develop simple, yet powerful hierarchical process maps. Connect, engage and communicate with your business users.

Develop a “single source of truth” that is more than project documentation, but is a platform for continuous improvement.

Org Documentation

Automated Org documentation generated based on your metadata. Add documents, links to external content, process diagrams and requirements.

We know it is hard, so we make it easy for you to add documentation: use our web app, Salesforce Setup or Record Pages, or in Jira .

Data Privacy & Governance

Satisfy GDPR and other data privacy regimes by tracking privacy permissions and policies for leads, contacts and person accounts. Preference center provides single customer portal for sales, support and marketing outbound campaigns.

Corporate Management

Enables Single Sign On (Salesforce and SAML). Provides centralized user control, management and user policies. Apply content collaboration rules. Attachments and images are scanned for viruses.



Elements is designed to help you deliver more value to your clients and give you competitive advantage:

  • There is no cost to join the program as a Registered Partner.
  • You get a free Enterprise Space for demoing to clients
  • You can earn a referral commission when customers purchase.
  • You can buy Consultant Editor licenses that can work in multiple client spaces


To join the Partner Program contact us at to arrange an initial discussion about our program and how it dovetails with your practice.


Consultant Editor

  • $500/year per named user/consultant
  • License can be transferred when consultant leaves

Managed Services

SMB Managed Services

  • Customer Org has less than 100 Salesforce Licenses
  • Connection and enterprise features is $300 per year per customer (minimum 5 customers)


Firm must be in the Partner Program.

Consultant Editor license is assigned to a named person. The licence can be transferred if a person leaves the firm.

Consultant Editor license can create multiple client Spaces:

  • Create a new Space for a client and convert to a 14 day trial with all Enterprise features.
  • You can have the client Space converted to a 90 day Partner Trial by contacting

Consultant Editor license can work as an Editor in any Elements Space where they have been given edit rights.

At the end of 90 days Partner Trial there are 4 options:

  1. The CLIENT takes ownership of the Space and buys licenses. They buy at least one Editor licence (to administer and work in the Space) and Salesforce Connection license. They can choose to allow consultants to continue to work in Space using their Consultant Editor licenses, give them view access or switch off access completely.
  2. YOU administer the Space but CLIENT buys at least one Salesforce Connection license. Client does not buy any Editor licenses so the consultants continue to administer and work in Space using their Consultant Editor licenses.
  3. YOU administer the Space and YOU pay for Salesforce Connection license.  Your consultants continue to administer and work in Space using their Consultant Editor licenses. You can propose this to your client as a managed service.
  4. You lose Enterprise features, Salesforce Connection and Org Models analysis. The requirements, user stories and process maps can still be accessed.  Consultants can administer and work in the Space using their Consultant Editor licenses.


Elements users

Processes mapped

Metadata items analyzed


  • ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    MUST HAVE for EVERY consultant! As a consultant, I have used many different tools to capture and manage requirements. Elements by far is the easiest yet comprehensive tool I have used to manage this process, and I recommend it to everyone I can! 

    Amy Oplinger, The Crevalle Group
  • ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    We have completed over 250 Salesforce implementations and every single one has started with a workshop to map out the key processes, identify today’s issues and agree how best to use Salesforce to streamline and simplify the processes. We call it Process Led Implementation which is the best way to ensure a successful project that really delivers for the business. 

    Mike McKintyre MBE, Xenogenix
  • ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Our team was first introduced to Elements earlier this year. Over time we’ve found that the product has become invaluable for our clients – and we recommend it routinely. For a pittance of a price, Elements will bring clarity to the chaos that we see, as consultants, to so many existing Orgs. Firstly, the ability to clearly map out a business process is something that is not often done. Now, our customers may have mapped out the steps in Salesforce, for a training document, perhaps, but the connection from the ‘HOW’ the business works, to the ‘WHAT’ is done in Salesforce to accommodate the process is entirely absent. Further, six months, or a year down the line, no one has a clue ‘WHY’ something was done a certain way. Elements makes those connections, easily. We have a client that is now just learning importance of sandboxes and not doing everything in production. In the past, they have made changes to a something like a field label and API name that is a member of 3 workflows, 4 Process Builders, 20 validation rules, 7 formulas and so on. We’d get a panic “OMG Everything is broken!” call and have to decipher what happened. Now, our client can see what the contingencies are +before+ they make the change, saving everyone a lot of headaches. Run into an issue, or have a question? The Elements team is on it in a flash. For half the cost of a Starbucks coffee each day, you can have peace of mind and order in your Org. Awesome! And… no, they didn’t pay or bribe me to write this review.

    Adam Schoolsky, Sadhana Consulting
    Adam Schoolsky, Sadhana ConsultingSENIOR CONSULTANT
  • ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Easily Collaborate on Business Processes. When talking about business processes, its important to be able to quickly draw out the flow of information and diagram the relationship of objects. is a super user friendly tool for collaborating on those drawings and lets you take white board drawings and turn them into colorful, clean products. And that’s just a start of the functionality. I also love the ability to record user stories in a form instead of a blank text box so you capture all pieces of a user story. Great company. Great product. 

    Kristi Dellinger, CGI
  • ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    No better way to document your Org and identify improvements. Based on my experience using Elements in several organizations, the approach is a step change for any business that runs Salesforce. The analytical insights are very powerful, and the ability to communicate with Users around the organization and get them involved in making the business work better, well frankly I’ve not seen anything like this in the Salesforce world! The great thing about Elements is that it works with other systems, not just Salesforce. Processes in a business work generally include manual steps, Excel (of course!) and Salesforce, plus other in-house systems. Elements helps to make transparent what works well and what doesn’t, and design and collaborate on new ways of working (preferably utilizing Salesforce functionalities. Elements is very user friendly and intuitive, and if content is designed in the right way it can be a very powerful way to explain to users understand what they need to do plus given them quick access to the systems and tools they need to do their jobs.

    David Barnes, Calvaria Ltd
    David Barnes, Calvaria LtdCALVARIA FOUNDER & CONSULTANT
  • ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Great product & awesome support. I’ve never had official training on proper documentation, but the Elements product and team have helped get me closer to a documentation expert. A great app with great support and education! 

    Bill Powell, Tiny Feet Cloud Services