Get Consultant Superpowers

In just 2 mins, get x-ray vision into EVERY client Org

Dependency Trees and Impact analysis de-risk projects

License is just $500 / year for unlimited clients

And we have the most intuitive process mapping tool.. but you know that, right?


“Org discovery in 20% of the time. This is a game-changer for us.”

Learn more about the Org in 1 day than weeks of manual analysis

Impact dependency trees

Visually demonstrate to your client the true impact of a change across all metadata. Click any item to expand to see dependencies levels and the metadata on the metadata.

Visible in Salesforce Setup or in Elements for multiple metadata types, including standard and custom fields, apex, flow and process builders, global actions, dashboards and reports, sharing rules, validation rules, workflow field updates and rules.



“We use this for every client pursuit and engagement

“In minutes we learn more than hours of manual analysis”

2 mins to setup

Metadata dictionary with impact analysis and automated documentation

Takes just 1min 58 secs mins to connect an Org and we take it from there.

In less than 2 hours you’ll have a full picture of the Org configuration and technical debt.

The nightly sync of Prod and Sandboxes maintains the Org metadata dictionary. It has risk and impact analysis, where used, dependency and field population analytics, automated documentation and clean up recommendations.


Offer a Managed Service

Build a valuable recurring revenue business

We have licensing so you can manage their Org. Collaborate with customers on requirements so you build the right thing – and improve your profitability. Visibility of the org metadata and impact analysis to scope changes. Get notified every night of metadata changes – and who did them. So you don’t get surprises.

“This unlocked a whole new revenue stream.”

Trialing and Purchasing

Consultant license

TL;DR  $500/ year per consultant to work in unlimited client Spaces

Consultant Editor license is assigned to a named person. The licence can be transferred if a person leaves the firm.

Consultant Editor license can create and edit in multiple client Spaces with all the enterprise features.

Only named consulting license holders can be admins and editors.

If your client wants to edit content then they need to purchase licenses based on the standard pricing.

Trialing Elements

Create an Elements user account and you get an Elements Playground.

You have full access to all the enterprise functionality, but you can only connect to a Dev Org and you cannot share the content you create.

So, no. You cannot use this for client project work!!



Want to purchase now?

Create an Elements user account and fill out the form. We’ll allocate your license and we will invoice you.

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