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When did you join the Salesforce journey?

Salesforce have come a long way and we’ve been with them from the beginning – 2001

It is not until you look back that you realize how far you have come. We have been a customers of Salesforce from the very early days. At Nimbus in 2001 (the exact timing I forget) we became a early customer when Salesforce was 2 guys (Steve Garnett and Ryan Ward) selling out of a Regus office in Bracknell, UK. The application had JUST leads, accounts, contacts  – and maybe opportunities – and the selling point was that it was in the cloud – so access anywhere.

We embraced everything Salesforce had to offer

  • We customized using Force.com building out 80+ objects in the areas of HR, Training, Expenses, Compliance, Asset Management, Hosting Management and Procurement.  All before apps were on the AppExchange.
  • Every employee in the company was a Salesforce user, because we were a “customer company”
  • As a result we were a UK reference customer and were regular speakers at Dreamforce.
  • We were one of only 3 customers speaking at the first “Dreamforce” (before they were called Dreamforce) in the UK in 2001 with Marc and 150 people in the Institute of Directors in London.
  • We implemented Chatter when it first came out and became a “social company”
  • We were early adopters of FinancialForce accounting in 2007.
  • We were a Salesforce Customer Story in 2011
  • And then we were acquired in 2011 and got a chance to step out and reflect for a few years.
  • Our top expert on Salesforce went to work for Salesforce.
  • In 2014 we got the Nimbus founders back together and created Elements  – a reboot of Nimbus – and we are Salesforce customers again
  • In 2016 we launched Elements – 100% cloud free business analysis app for #AwesomeAdmin – as we are focused on supporting Salesforce implementations.
  • and next….   see you are Dreamforce 2016

How far have you been with Salesforce on their journey?

Take a look at the infographic below and see if you can remember where you joined Salesforce on their fantastic journey.

history of dreamforce

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