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Elements.cloud Certification: a valuable credential for Salesforce Professionals

Home » Blog » Elements.cloud Certification: a valuable credential for Salesforce Professionals
Home » Blog » Elements.cloud Certification: a valuable credential for Salesforce Professionals

The Elements.cloud Certification is designed not only for consultants but for all Salesforce professionals seeking to deepen their expertise and gain practical application skills using Elements, to accelerate the time to value for Salesforce projects. The certification program covers essential topics like process mapping, requirements gathering, and impact analysis, structured across three progressive levels to ensure a thorough understanding and practical skill set.

More than a badge. It’s a cert

While a foundational knowledge of Salesforce is recommended, the program is designed for experienced users of Elements, focusing on a balanced approach to theoretical learning and practical application. Achieving this certification can significantly boost your professional profile within the Salesforce community, demonstrating a commitment to ongoing learning and mastery of critical skills.

But do not expect to be able to pass it without studying for it, having hands-on experience with Elements, and an understanding of how to apply it to Salesforce change projects. Those who find it easiest to pass will have had practical experience.

There are 3 levels of Certification with Expert as the top tier.

Kickstarting your certification journey

Getting started is as simple as registering on the Elements Academy and tapping into the preparatory Study Guides.  The guides step you through getting hands-on access to Elements and how to take the certification. The certification requires you to answer questions, work on an Org that has been set up to be lifelike – tech debt, complexity, and very little documentation –  and then you need to present it back to the examiners. You will find it challenging and rewarding.

As we said, this is more than a Trailhead badge or Superbadge. This is a valuable certification that validates your expertise and helps you stand out in a competitive field. It will advance your career, either working for a company or as a consultant. It will also help you transition into a consulting role.

Let’s celebrate

We’re excited to see who will be the first to become Elements certified. We know that there has been a pent-up demand for the certification, and we’re delighted that it is now available. Here is an interview with Robert Merrell, who has driven the development of the Elements.cloud Certification.

This is your chance to enhance your expertise and be recognized in the community. Reach out today to get started with your Elements.cloud Certification.

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