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Salesforce Industries: launching Omniscript support

Salesforce Industries uses Omniscript for configuration which means that they are records in custom objects rather than metadata. These custom objects are in the specific industry managed package. The approach of records-based configuration is also used by other ISVs like nCino.  This adds an additional level of complexity when you want to document your Org as you need to have a combination of metadata, custom metadata AND configuration records in your metadata dictionary.  And did I mention that in some cases there are some ISVs that store both configuration records and customer data in the same custom object? That means you need to determine which records to access.

It has taken a lot of work, but now Elements.cloud can support Salesforce Industries and any ISV that stores configuration as records in custom objects. Every record is a node in our metadata dictionary so you can document, link and comment just like you would with regular metadata.



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