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Configuration Knowledge is Power

Organizations want to drive more rapid change but they need the confidence that they fully understand the risk of changes to their Salesforce Org and to the business.  We all know that the early, robust business analysis and an understanding of the configuration of the Org massively reduces rework and risk. That configuration knowledge is everywhere, however, it is also siloed. 

The Elements.cloud Change Intelligence Platform provides an enterprise scale, aggregated, connected view of all automated and manually created documentation and processes within the org; requirements, business process maps, user stories, org impact and dependency analysis, configuration changes, security scans, testing and end user help. This will come from different sources, in different formats, created by different teams. Hence the silos. Whatever the source and wherever a change occurs, it can be recorded, tracked and analyzed within Elements.cloud.

The power is the 3 C’s

  • Content: You need all, not just some, of the configuration content to be able to make informed decisions. This means everything related to the core Salesforce platform, customizations and Managed Packages, but also where they are integrated into enterprise on-premise and SaaS apps. 
  • Connection: Connecting knowledge content, where ever it is stored, takes a fraction of the time compared with the creation of the content. It can be automatically analyzed and connected. Providing access to the most up to date content saves hours of frustration and wasted time. 
  • Context: By analyzing the connected content in context means we can uncover insights that save costly rework and  release roll-backs. This early analysis is core to the Shift Left concept – “the earlier you find issues, the cheaper they are to resolve”. The pace of change, the scale and complexity of Salesforce implementations and the numbers of integrations to other apps means that this analysis can now only be done automatically.

Salesforce is becoming the single source of customer data, tightly integrated into the enterprise IT landscape. To maintain the agility and deliver ROI on customer Salesforce investment requires an understanding of the impact of changing Salesforce. That means an aggregated view of the knowledge of what has been built on the Salesforce platform, how it was built and why it was built that way. Elements is THE only platform that is architected, has the capabilities and the vision to deliver tangible, lasting results.

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