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The true cost of poor user adoption

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The cost of poor adoption

Have you ever stopped and thought of the dollar cost of poor user adoption?  We’ve put together a quick calculator that puts that wasted time in terms of salary cost.

Simple errors completing fields because it is not clear what to enter:

These not only take time to correct but the downstream impact of poor data is huge. And now Einstein is making predictions based on this data.

Onboarding and training time reduced:

End users often struggle to use Salesforce. Helping them understand the process they are trying to follow with easily understood help at object and field level can go a long way to helping.  This is particularly true during onboarding and after big changes (Lightning?).

Some staggering stats from a great article about onboarding in the Harvard Business Review

Looking for stuff

So much time is wasted looking for the most up to date procedure, policy, form, presentation or screen.  And once you’ve found it, is it the most up to date?

Basex specializes in studying how professionals and office workers — “knowledge workers” — do their work and use technology. It says the $650 billion figure is an estimate of the “cost of unnecessary interruptions” in terms of lost productivity and innovation.

The Basex research quotes Nathan Zeldes, an engineer at Intel who studies computing productivity issues, who said, “At Intel, we estimated the impact of information overload on each knowledge worker at up to eight hours a week.”

Hardly a special case, Intel, Mr. Spira said in an interview, is “just being honest and up front about the problem,” and its efforts to address the issue are “receiving support at the very top of Intel.”

Frustrated = less happy = less productive

The calculator doesn’t include the drop in productivity caused by the frustration of not finding stuff easily. Happier teams are more productive – FACT. If you don’t believe me, here is some of the research.

Happier, less frustrated staff are less likely to leave.

Try the ROI calculator for yourself

Put your numbers into the calculator and see what the wasted cost is for your organization


Size and cost of team

How many end users and what is their average salary ($k)

Data entry errors per week per user

This is just the time wasted in entering the data incorrectly and having to go back and fix it. How many errors does each end user make per week? How long does it take them to go back and fix?

Reduced training

This is the time saved each year on training on changes to Salesforce and new operational processes.How many days could your standard training be reduced because you have better process and in-app help?

Time wasted looking for stuff

This is the time taken by end user to look for the most up to date information (sales deck, pricing, data sheets, process to follow). Research says that this is as high as 18% for knowledge workers teams. What do you estimate to be the percentage of their time wasted?


We are calculating the wasted cost in terms of salary. Not the lost opportunity cost of sales teams being more effective or the impact of other teams using poor quality data. Staggering, isn’t it?

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