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Renew your approach for 2024 with Staying Relevant in a Post-GPT World

Home » Blog » Renew your approach for 2024 with Staying Relevant in a Post-GPT World
Home » Blog » Renew your approach for 2024 with Staying Relevant in a Post-GPT World

Happy 2024! As we look forward to the coming year with fresh goals, let’s revisit the evergreen insights from the ‘Staying Relevant in a Post-GPT World’ webinar, detailing the strategies and skills essential for navigating an even more AI-centric year ahead.

FOBO, the fear of being obsolete

Is AI embedded throughout your Salesforce implementation? Gain a competitive advantage, by understanding what it takes to use AI and significantly “what it takes to use AI, to make Salesforce better.” Read on for a round-up of actionable strategies and must-have skills to succeed in this rapidly evolving landscape. 

This blog serves as a general overview of Staying Relevant in a Post-GPT World; a webinar hosted by Ian Gotts, CEO of Elements.cloud. Explore this topic further by watching the full session here.

AI makes the best things better…the worst things even worse

Reinforce core skills

Regardless of role, be it developer, business analyst, architect, or otherwise, AI has become integral to our daily processes. Those who have successfully adopted such integrations, have taken the necessary steps to ensure that the quality of data input, reflects the quality of expected output. 

AI punishes mediocrity. Ensure your success, by honing the following skills:

  • Data Governance – Invest in the integrity of your data, with an in-depth understanding of your data stream and how each field influences the next.
  • Business Analysis – Understand the impact of implementing AI, before it’s introduced throughout your systems.
  • Architecture – Build robust structures that facilitate automated machine learning, data flow, and decision-making processes.
  • Documentation – Recognise the value of maintaining a thorough record of your Org configuration, as well as any changes made therein.

Get hands-on with ChatGPT

The endless stream of GPT technologies, can be overwhelming at the worst of times. Get to grips with GPT, by exploring the capabilities of a friendlier model: ChatGPT. Data is the fuel for AI. Experiment with ChatGPT and witness how a more detailed prompt, yields better answers. Thereafter, introduce this same standard of prompt, across your Salesforce integrations and reap the rewards of this approach.

I give it puzzle pieces and it’s really good at solving the answers

Master prompt engineering

Effective prompt engineering, goes beyond communicating with clarity. It’s about continuous refinement. Consider storing a bank of prompts as templates – not just as a back-up, but as an ever-expanding repository. Track the changes made as prompts are amended, to meet the evolving needs of your organization. 

Additionally, ensure operational success throughout your organization, by understanding how each team leverages AI, to fulfill their responsibilities. And, if they’re not leveraging AI, identify areas in which productivity can be enhanced.

Explore AI-driven apps

It’s time to explore AI-driven apps. No longer will you painstakingly write a separate user story, for each resource type. Entrust ElementsGPT, our AI-driven tool, to generate high quality, consistent user stories from process maps and benefit from tailored solutions based on your metadata.

With ElementsGPT, you can expect to:

  • Generate UPN process maps from sketches, photographs, and transcriptions.
  • Understand and manage Org complexity, through natural language queries.
  • Create user stories, acceptance criteria, and BDD tests with AI efficiency.
  • Gain optimal Salesforce solutions, tailored to your specific needs.
  • Access a shared repository of Copilot prompts with robust security controls.

ElementsGPT is now GA as an add-on. Discover the breadth of capabilities of ElementsGPT here, then contact our team to integrate ElementsGPT and start streamlining processes and enhancing decision-making.

Closing Thoughts

Shake off FOBO and propel your success by embracing GPT-technology. In this new year, applying the strategies from this webinar will be crucial for staying ahead and accelerating success in 2024. Discover how AI can be leveraged to maximize your Salesforce investment, with ‘Staying Relevant in a Post-GPT World.’

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