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MWD puts Elements on their radar

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MWD Advisors is an industry research and advisory services firm and their core focus is how digital technologies are changing the ways that organizations and people get work done. MWD have covered the BPM space for a number of years and are therefore seen as the industry experts.

Q9 Elements is essentially a reboot of Nimbus Partners, but with a more modern technology approach and a business model designed to encourage viral adoption.

We are delighted that they have recently released a research report On the Radar : Q9 Elements. They have done a great job in capturing the vision and intent of Q9 and also the capability of Elements which makes their very positive report even more gratifying. But we also take their comments on the areas that we need to address very seriously. They are on the roadmap and we are working hard to deliver them in the coming updates.

The research report is below. You can share or download it using the icons at the top right of the report

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