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First-Timer Account: Salesforce ‘Women in Tech’ Meet-up

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Home » Blog » First-Timer Account: Salesforce ‘Women in Tech’ Meet-up

In the City of London, amidst both excitement and apprehension, here’s an account of my journey and the insights gained during my first Women in Tech meet-up.

Anticipation of the Unknown

Around one month ago, I signed up for the Salesforce Women in Tech Meet-up, full of curiosity. Stepping into the Salesforce community for the first time, I was a bundle of nerves. Every nuance, from the dress code to the imagined seating plan, lingered in my mind.

First Impressions & Valuable Insights

With excitement and trepidation, I stepped into the offices of Mason Frank International, in the vibrant City of London. On their agenda, was a presentation on optimizing your LinkedIn profile. Having just started in my role, updating LinkedIn wasn’t my primary concern. However, the insights shared by tech recruiters turned out to be quite the eye-opener.

A Celebration of Accomplishments

The evening began with attendees enthusiastically sharing their recent achievements. Listening to their tales of professional and personal triumphs was very inspiring. Even though I kept my stories to myself, the camaraderie and encouragement from fellow women in the Salesforce space, was evident and uplifting.

Embracing the Unexpected

I had anticipated a more formal setting, but what I experienced was pleasantly different. The meet-up was a relaxed gathering of peers from the Salesforce community. Among them was Louise Lockie, who headed up the event, encouraging collaboration and shared experiences. The evening concluded with a Dreamforce-themed quiz, and to my delight, I ended up winning a Brandy the Fox mascot.

Reflecting & Looking Ahead

Looking back, the varied perspectives shared during the meet-up were informative, offering an invaluable window into the diverse Salesforce community. Although I may not be ready to share my experiences with everyone, I’m eager to join the next event.

Embracing the Salesforce Community 

Navigating an established community like Salesforce can seem daunting. But, the Women in Tech Meet-ups bridge that gap, offering insights and fostering a sense of belonging, irrespective of industry experience. As I continue exploring and learning, I’m sure I’ll attend many more such events.

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