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#CXfail You couldn’t make this up

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Home » Blog » #CXfail You couldn’t make this up


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A genuine post from a friend on Facebook.

It’s a sad reflection of business nowadays is that my major accomplishment today was getting to speak to someone at VirginMedia that was able to use a telephone and find out the problem with our order. He also managed to retain my number and call me back.

Mind this took 3 calls yesterday speaking to 5 people and 2 calls today, one of which was 45 minutes long, speaking to a total of 6 people.

There are real human beings out there that have brain cells but to find them you have to be extremely persistent and keep holding on through the dire hold music.

It is easy to be fooled when you are in the tech world and you hear about the advances in bots, RPA (Robotic Process Automation), IoT enabled devices, Case Management and how companies are being reinvented by Digital Business Platforms. You believe that most companies are using them to deliver a great Customer Experience.

When really, they can’t even design a simple streamlined process and get it followed reliably by their employees and contractors.

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