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Conference calls in real life: timesuck

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Home » Blog » Conference calls in real life: timesuck

We all know the value of remote working. Many of the benefits you know, plus some that you may not have considered are in a blog called “Daddy are you still at work?”. But a necessary evil of remote working is the conference call.  And with it there are 3 major issues

1. Protocol: Surely by now we should all be able to make conference calls a seamless experience.  But how many calls go like this on in the video below? It makes funny watching, but if people don’t behave like that in real life, why do they do it on calls?  Clearly part of the problem is technology, but part of it is attitude.

2. Location. Often we are calling clients and the call is a video conference. So what is behind you that the other callers sees? Is it kitchen cabinets? Kids back from school walking around? IKEA shelving stuffed with personal filing?  Michael Allen had a great idea, No 256 on his blog Everything Brilliant.  It is a pop up screen with a corporate background.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA3. Distractions. How can those around me know when I am on a call, lost in thought or listening to music. It is not just a working from home issue, but also those in open plan offices. Back to Michael for another brilliant idea, No 251,  stolen from the media industry. An “On Air” light that you have above your desk or outside your office.

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