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Add value while working from home

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#MIME. Maximum Impact Minimum Expense

Now normal, not new normal

This is not the new normal. But over the next few weeks/months we need to change our normal working practices.

Want to show you’re still valuable even when you’re WFH?

It is even more important when we are all now working remotely and companies are looking at layoffs to make sure that you are showing how valuable you are. “Out of sight out of mind” has never been truer. So we started thinking about things to do that are #MIME Maximum Impact, Minimum Expense

1. Validate key dashboards/reports that execs look at

Do the 3-5 dashboards/reports that the execs use to drive the business have accurate data?

For each dashboard

  • Which reports feed it?
  • For each report what fields are key?
  • Are they the correct fields? (same name, but wrong field)
  • Is the data correct, or has the way the field is being populated changes?
  • How are these fields populated?
  • Are the fields even populated or are they blank?

2. Reduce wasted time by improving high traffic page layouts

If I can simplify/add help to speed up each user by 1 min when they visit a page, and they visit it 5x per day and there are 100 users, that is 40hrs/week at their salary level

Which objects and page layouts are used most frequently

For each page layout for a record type

  • Look at each field on the page layout ask 2 questions. “Can I remove it?” “Can I improve the current help text?”
  • suggest removal of field
  • look at description and copy to help text, or write help text

3. Remove unused managed packages

Managed Packages that are not being used could be a wasted license cost, or a minimum clogging up the Org by adding fields to standard objects and page layouts

For each managed package

  • Look in Setup | Installed Packages for what it does and number of users
  • Find out what it does and work out the key objects… i.e. Project Management – objects are Project & Sub-project Task
  • See how many records in each key object.. was this just installed as a trial?
  • Were any fields used in automation or code?
  • See when records were last added
  • See where the Managed Package is adding fields and page layouts to standard objects to see if they can be removed
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