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A day in the life of Jack

We caught up with Jack who is our Salesforce Admin and talked to him about how he uses Elements to drive the entire change lifecycle. This 20 min video is a fascinating look into a day in his life.

Minute marker:

2:12 Collecting feedback
3:08 Define business outcomes
4:05 Sync to JIRA / Link to custom apps
4:32 Story creation
6:16 Impact analysis
7:09 Evaluating end-user: want vs need
8:35 Metadata dictionary: linking metadata to story with risk
10:00 What, How, Why of documentation
11:20 Sanity check: where is it all used?
12:40 Organizing changeset checklists
14:42 JIRA integration
16:21 Managing the change / release queue
19:15 Send stories from JIRA and connect to JIRA

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