3 things you can say to your boss to secure your flight for 2019

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Home » Blog » 3 things you can say to your boss to secure your flight for 2019


With Dreamforce 2018 done and dusted, your boss and your team is going to want to know what you’ve learned. Failing to come up with anything convincing is not the message you want to be sending, particularly if you want to go again in 2019. So, we’ve collected a few things you should think about after your week at Dreamforce.

Things you should say

  • Networking. As the saying goes, your network is your net worth. Being able to gain that one or two quality contacts can prove to be extremely beneficial down the road. Alternatively, enlightening others about what you do and where you work can spark interest and raise your company’s profile, particularly if it’s a small or medium company. And who knows, that connection may be turn out to be a local who could spare a couch for future Dreamforces saving your company a ton of $$$s!
  • Improving your Salesforce skills. There will have been 1 or 2 sessions which triggered that Aha! moment. And these should be recorded so you can share them with co-workers. Coming back without 1 or 2 takeaways tells your boss you’ve treated this more like leisure trip rather than a business trip. There are hundreds of new minor and major updates that Salesforce release and plan on releasing in and around Dreamforce. Additionally, discovering a few key apps is a great way to make your life easier as a Salesforce user. Apps like Elements.cloud and OwnBackup are great tools that can save hours of painful manual labor.
  • Summing up the pros and cons of the trip and if it’s worth going to next year. For some, the smaller Dreamin’ User Group events around the country are a lot more useful since it means you actually have space to breathe and network with people. 170,000 people crammed into a few blocks can be difficult to move around and see everything you want. Not mention trying to network can be stressful. Having a few extra colleagues can make it less frantic and more useful for you and the company.
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